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Hi, I’m Michael Larmond and I was born in Lambeth hospital on the 26th October, 1967. I grew up in Brixton immersed in Reggae music, at home, at the market, in records shops. It left me singing a Reggae beat but I couldn’t sing to save my life, but I had fallen in love with the music and the artists. At the time, my inspirations were artists like Yellow Man, Sister Nancie, Ninjah Man, Super Cat, Dennis Brown, Jacob Miller, and of course the legend Bob Marley among many more artist from J.A.

I started to go to sound clashes and blues clubs in the area where a whole new life opened up for me.  The people, the music, the dancing; it was outstanding to experience it all. It was about this time, I decided I wanted to become a DJ and started buying all the records I could. It was in a record shop that I met the man who became my inspiration. DJ Daddy Noddy. We started talking and I told him about my love of music and how I wanted to become a DJ.  He knew all the answers, to any question I threw at him.  With  his help and knowledge I started my sound system, and here we are 30 Years later,  Rough But Sweet Sound Systemis still running strong.

I have been blessed to have won the title of Best Sound at Notting Hill Carnival in 2000 and played in international rave spots in Germany, Amsterdam, Jamaica, not forgetting the national rave spots across the UK.. Music must come from the heart, from a place of peace and harmony, otherwise it will not touch the hearts of those listening, dancing and singing along.

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is greater than silver or gold”  Bob Marley