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Genesis Radio Birmingham was created to give BAME people and those with disabilities a platform to share experiences, stories and ultimately to educate. These are important stories to tell so that we can begin to head towards real equality.

BAME and disabled people deserve to be heard now more than ever. So, the hope for this platform is that it will create debate and much needed discussion about disability discrimination and racism and how we can all be part of the solution.

Genesis Radio Birmingham believes it’s important to listen, learn and make lasting changes; Because Black lives matter!

Genesis Radio Birmingham amplifies Black voices to facilitate positive change for whole and authentic equity and a celebration of difference. We share stories from around the world on the experience of being Black and, in some cases, disabled. We aim to facilitate accountable action and positive change for the eradication of racism and disability discrimination. We do this through educating and improving understanding of culture, racism and what it means to be Black and/or disabled.

Genesis Radio Birmingham is a careers and employability media that provides tailored and culturally competent solutions, to help young BAME service users navigate systematic inequalities within the British Broadcasting and Labour markets.

Genesis Radio Birmingham supports young minority beneficiaries within the three E’s of Education, Employment and Enterprise, to improve overall outcomes and representation.

Genesis Radio Birmingham aims to provide a partnership between local communities, statutory organisations, the voluntary sector and private sector who work collaboratively to reduce employment inequality experienced by African and African-Caribbean communities in the West Midlands. Together we work to improve access to the quality of employment services and push conventional boundaries to dismantle the structural barriers that create and sustain inequalities in employment.
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Our work emphasises the importance of prevention and seeks to address disparities across the social determinants of employment (e.g. education, employment opportunities etc.)

We are a possitive live broadcasting outlet helping Britain’s talented young men and women of African and Caribbean heritage, who attend state schools and are from challenging environments, fulfil their broadcasting and academic potential, attend top universities, secure good professional jobs in which they can excel and give back to society. We are transforming lives and changing the negative narrative and perceptions surrounding young black men and women. We are normalising success.

Genesis Radio Birmingham is a social enterprise, unrivalled in diverse recruitment and inclusion, which aims to tackle the under-representation of many communities in the creative industries. Genesis Radio Birmingham has placed many individuals with employer partners and has provided employability skills support to individuals throughout the West Midlands. All profits go back into growing, training and supporting our community.
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Genesis Radio Birmingham works with young people from the Disability and BAME communities throughout the West Midlands, providing life skills to enable them to stay away from gang and knife crime, and to realise their potential and achieved set goals.

Genesis Radio Birmingham is the only UK organisation that is dedicated to the political and civic empowerment of the UK’s Black Asian and minority ethnic Disabled communities. Our 3 pillars of work are based around political education, representation and participation. This knowledge and empowerment will significantly help reverse deep seated racial and disability inequalities within our society.

Genesis Radio Birmingham is the UK’s leading independent race and Disability equality think tank. We generate intelligence to challenge race and disability inequality in Britain through research, network building, leading debate, and policy engagement.

Genesis Radio Birmingham aims to be an early intervention mentoring outlet that helps hundreds of young people between 10 -18 years of age, to reach their full potential through outcome focused mentoring programmes, inspirational seminars and work experience. Connecting corporate role models with young people to help them write their own future.

Our Youth Charter tackles educational non-attainment, health inequality, anti-social behaviour and the negative effects of crime, drugs, gang related activity, Disability Discrimination and racism by applying the ethics of sporting and broadcasting artistic excellence through social and economic benefits of citizenship, rights, responsibilities, improved education, health, social order, environment, vocation training, employment and enterprise.