About Us

Our radio model is ground-breaking.  Genesis Radio Birmingham is the only community/commercial radio station in the West Midlands market with a dual music and conversation

format – the coolest old-school, gospel, Soul, Reggae, RnB, Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Soca, and African-Beats play alongside a schedule of radio drama, guests in conversation – all carefully

choreographed by a select roster of conversant, lucid, witty presenters and DJs – Imagine listening to the music you love while having a conversation, or being held in suspense whilst waiting for the next episode of a daily or weekly radio drama – sometimes

serious, sometimes just fun and fulfilling – with the one friend that doesn’t judge you?  We like to think we are that friend. And yes, we also bring  and, play the music you love!


We reach listeners simply by the touch of a button, a click on their browser or a tap on their mobile device. Wherever

– whenever – seamlessly, best describes our service.  Using our innovative technology we bring our loyal audience closer to local start-up business, advertisers and partners,

whilst providing access to international firms looking to tap into their Diaspora market in the Birmingham and West Midlands area of the UK.

Our Vision:

To be an intelligent filter, a trusted guide and companion to our listeners from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep; whilst being the essential

platform for the young,elders, start-up business and local/national/international advertisers.


Our Mission:

To provide a vibrant multi-platform broadcast service that encourages listeners to get involved, and to play a full and active role in wider society.


Our Accolades:

Our award winning breakfast presentation team of Ceecee and Genesis Radio Birmingham’s co-founder Chicken George.

Ceecee has worked for BBC drama, making appearances in such notable programmes as East Enders and Casualty as  well as several plays on BBC radio 4.   For a number of years, she hosted her own shows  at local BBC radio WM.

Chicken George has graced TV screens in the UK appearing as an unsuccessful contestant in the UK’s award winning quiz show “who wants to be a millionaire”.  He is also a former olympiad winning silver and bronze medals during the 1970s.  2014 sees George celebrate 40 years in broadcasting; he was voted amongst the top 10 most listened to radio personalities in the West Midlands by readers of Birmingham’s Evening Mail newspaper in January 1992.

Our History:


Our Name:

The name ‘Genesis’ simply means ‘the first with a distinctive in character’. In his momentous ‘I have a Dream’ address on 28 August 1963, Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr.

talked about judging a person by the ‘content of their character’. Well, call it creative licence, but we have made it our mission to be consistently distinctive

vis-a-vis the content of our programmes, our talent roster, and our listener-base.  Judge for yourself by listening in!!

Our Motto:

It’s all about U/us…Our Music….Our Voice….Our Genesis Radio Birmingham – The People’s Choice….A  fi we station!!!

Our Platforms:

The analogue era of broadcasting as a pirate radio station was never an attractive proposition for us. Instead, we start in 2014 as an internet radio stream – and a pioneering one at that – at a time when the technology iss in its infancy.

After a live presenter-led pilot broadcast during 2012/13, we can now go on to become, the first internet audio stream from Birmingham UK to successfully transition to become a fully-fledged community/commercial radio station broadcasting online and, eventually, on TV.

You could say our DNA is, completely and without qualification, digital – And that is unique in the broadcast radio industry!

Is this  the moment independent digital community/commercial radio comes of age?