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Signs of improving demand conditions induced job creation while firms made further inroads into their backlogs Source link

First part of ‘Eastside’ extension will open in 2025/26 but project will be delayed by lack of access to HS2 site Source link

Department for Education has announced that the region will receive new capital to be delivered in partnership with companies and skills providers Source link

Site in Edmund Street will be ready for tenants next year after renovation work Source link

Company will service vehicles at the hub in the Black Country Source link

Jack Whitehead has been promoted to studio director at rg+p following its launch in the city nearly four years ago Source link

Bensons for Beds has not revealed any detailed sales or profits figures Source link

Kameese Davis will use the fresh injection of capital to add to the Nylah’s Naturals’ senior team and expand abroad Source link

The GMB trade union said striking workers in Coventry would join the demo in Swindon to speak to colleagues there about how to plan strike action Source link

Partnership wants to capture, pipe, then lock away carbon emissions in a depleted natural gas field Source link