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(Natural News) There could be some potentially good news on the horizon for prospective home buyers who have been patiently waiting for a lower and much more reasonable entry point into the housing market. The sky-high real estate bubble that has been inflating for many years now is showing signs of an impending […]

(Natural News) With each passing day, the left destroys more of our culture, while Americans too afraid to risk their own comfort simply turn their heads and look the other way. To do so, the radical left has turned to the LGTBQ movement — essentially after creating it out of whole cloth just a […]

(Natural News) EXCLUSIVE: Today we are publishing a series of lab microscopy photos of bizarre clots which are now being routinely found in adults who “suddenly died,” usually in a number of months following covid vaccinations. These clots are often referred to as “blood clots” but they are nothing at all like normal […]

(Natural News) In 2021, the government of Australia colluded with three vaccine manufacturers to oppress the Australian people with various levels of discrimination, coercion, propaganda, unlawful detainment, segregation, digital compliance systems and broader threats to individuals’ livelihoods. These totalitarian actions were not rooted in any data or science and provided no public health […]

(Natural News) A writer and political activist by the name of Danny Haiphong was suspended from Twitter for questioning the official story about the Tiananmen Square massacre incident of 1989. It is apparently now an offense to speculate that perhaps the mainstream narrative about historical events such as this might be inaccurate, which […]

(Natural News) Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided the home of Nicholas John Roske, 26, in Simi Valley, California. Roske was arrested on June 8 for attempting to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Federal agents converged on the Roske family’s one-story house in Simi Valley on the evening of […]

(Natural News) Physicians filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for acting outside of its authority by directing the public not to use ivermectin. The legal action filed on June 2 by Drs. Robert L. Apter, Mary Talley Bowden and Paul E. Marik indicated that the FDA launched a “crusade” against […]

(Natural News) New legislation proposed in Russia would make it a crime for anyone in the country to promote unnatural sexual relations, or what the government there is calling “LGBT propaganda.” Russia’s State Duma received the draft legislation on Tuesday and it is currently being reviewed by the state-building and legislation committee. Those […]

(Natural News) In an attempt to explain away the rash of deaths occurring in otherwise healthy-seeming adults who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the medical establishment has coined a new term called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” or SADS, that it is pretending appeared out of nowhere with no explanation. Much like […]

(Natural News) While the FBI demonstrated oppressive, tyrannical behavior throughout the so-called “war on terror,” since it was occurring in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, most Americans either didn’t notice or did not mind. After all, the bureau was meting out the ‘revenge’ we all sought against Islamic terrorists […]