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WOKE doctor claims parents who don’t chemically castrate their children are CHILD ABUSERS –

Written by on 31/07/2022

Image: WOKE doctor claims parents who don’t chemically castrate their children are CHILD ABUSERS

(Natural News)
A rainbow-haired “doctor” has taken to TikTok to complain about parents who refuse to allow their children to undergo “gender reassignment” surgery, calling them “child abusers.”

The woman, whose TikTok handle is @askdrmom, spewed several minutes of verbal diarrhea about how she hates parents who deny their babies puberty blockers and genitalia removal on demand, preventing them from becoming their “true selves.”

“You know what’s abusive? Ignoring the needs of your child when your child is telling you what they need,” the woman snarled.

She went on to claim that parents who deny their children irreversible surgeries and hormone drugging are responsible for child suicide, though on TikTok she referred to child suicide as “un-aliving” since the social media platform does not allow the word suicide to be mentioned anymore.

“Over 80 percent of trans youth have admitted to having thoughts about un-aliving themselves, and over 50 percent have actually attempted it,” the scowling woman continued.

“In these individuals, denying them care that we know is lifesaving is child abuse,” she condescendingly added. “And it is proven that providing them gender-affirming care strongly reduces those risks.”

If your doctor has multi-colored hair, RUN!

The “mom to 4” – who is marrying, let alone having children, with this kind of person? – went even further to state that she will “die on this hill” of defending the “right” of people, no matter their age, to mutilate their bodies.


“I will die on this hill: trans rights are human rights,” she said. “And it doesn’t matter the age of the person. We all deserve to live our truth.”

Nearly 146,000 people follow this woman on TikTok, by the way. She claims to be a board-certified family doctor, and it sounds as though she practices in Texas – so beware, Texans.

The rainbow hair is an automatic dead giveaway to run in the event that you spot any other doctor who looks and sounds like this one. It is fairly easy to detect who you should not be taking your child to – those with colored hair, nose rings and the like.

One wonders just how many children this woman has “treated” over the years, and how many she has influenced to “live their truth” by cutting off breasts and other reproductive organs.

“You know, if your child tells you he needs to jump into a fire pit, try not to ignore his needs,” writes Tierin-Rose Mandelburg for Newsbusters, making a strong point about this “doctor’s” illogic.

“Affirm his childlike delusion and allow him to do as he pleases, no matter the consequences. That’s the psychotic logic Dr. Rainbow espoused.”

“First of all, in what world is chemically castrating a minor ‘lifesaving?’ Second of all, the people who encourage a delusional sense of identity and mutilate children are the abusers, not the people who aim to protect them from such evils.”

This alleged “physician” appears to have gotten her talking points from Pantene, which last year ran an advertising campaign pushing the transgender mutilation of children.

The campaign celebrated the slicing and drugging of children as a form of “self-expression,” adding that “hair is pride” – Pantene sells shampoos and conditioners, after all.

“There is reaching the bottom of the septic tank, and then there is scraping the bottom of it to get even deeper into that ol’ caked up layer,” wrote a commenter at Natural News about how Western civilization is on its last legs in a full descent toward hell.

“How can anybody justify these life-altering treatments in minors?” asked another. “They can’t.”

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