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Why nearly all liberals are falling for the Communist takeover of America –

Written by on 02/01/2024

Explanation: Why nearly all liberals are falling for the Communist takeover of America

Inherently, most people are good people, who want fairness, equality, and to eliminate bias all around them. People are mostly accepting of other’s differences, but the term “liberal” has become a very dirty word, just like patriot. What happened, and why do American liberals hate so many people so intensely, while they claim to be fighting for equal treatment and equal rights for “everyone?”

Answer: Mainstream media and social media have created the ultimate racists, including reverse racists and hate for straight people. In fact, the very definition of “liberal” means a person is willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions DIFFERENT from one’s own, and that they are open to new ideas, while promoting individual rights, civil liberties, and democracy. But one good look at how “liberals” in America function these days, and all we see is anti-Trumpers who hate all white people, hate all straight people, and claim that people who are against ILLEGAL immigration hate all foreigners.

If you stand up to this hate, whether in person or on social media, you are immediately labeled a xenophobe, a racist, a nativist, a domestic terrorist, and a violent extremist, even if you’re just trying to have a civil conversation (or especially when you try to be logical).

Being “Liberal” in America now means hating all white people, straight people, and people who want to protect our borders

If you voted for Trump, you are now automatically a “white supremacist” and “right wing extremist” who wants to tear down democracy and worship Hitler. If you don’t agree that all children are gender fluid trannies who need genitalia-mutilating surgery and hormone drugs to help them “identify” with their sexual identity confusion syndrome, then you are a gay-bashing conservative and an enemy of the state, according to liberals.

Should you accidentally call a gender-confused cross-dresser by the “wrong” pronoun, even though they can mentally change genders 100 times a day, whenever they decide, then you are to be fired from your job, sued, and banned from all social media forever.

Since Obama took office 16 years ago, America has been under a deconstruction phase, where family values and the nuclear family are not supposed to matter at all. More and more youth are being influenced to become agnostic, atheist, or worship the “devil” via social media, concerts, Disney, and of course, Hollywood.

Most gays do not start a family, and most illegal immigrants are single military-aged males who are more interested in free money, drugs, and raping women (and children), than meeting anyone normal and trying to start a family. Human trafficking is at an all-time high with these open borders, and that’s exactly what the Communist Biden Regime wants. It’s all part of the plan to eliminate the middle class, through massive inflation, supply chain dismantling, and a more and more invasive police state lifestyle we may never recover from.

That’s why the word liberal does not mean liberal anymore. Liberal means HATE everyone who doesn’t support the neo-liberal motives of gayness, anti-whiteness, and perverting children into mutilating themselves in the name of gender “identity.” If you don’t support this, you are now a domestic terrorist, and you may never use the word “liberal” again. Liberal means you must support the fake climate change agenda, you must support proxy wars that the politicians claim are needed for “peace on earth,” and you absolutely can never fly an American flag anywhere again, because it means you are a white supremacist who hates our country.

Tune your internet dial to for updates on extreme liberals in every metropolitan city helping the Biden Regime turn America into a communist (neo-liberal) hellhole.

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