Whatever day it is, it’s time for July 7


MANCHESTER MAVERICK artist July 7 continues his musical ascent, having impressed with a string of singles in 2020 that have been turning a lot of heads.

Hot on the tail of a forthcoming project, he unveils his newest sultry cut “Waistline”.

Seeping in synths and deep pulsing rhythms, “Waistline” draws you in from the onset with its resonant production and infectious bounce, with July 7 brilliantly carving out slinky melodies.

Leaning on dancehall influences, he incorporates strong doses of patois, braggadocio and raw, unfiltered energy which he uses to entice his lady of interest.

Speaking on the new release, he shared: “Waistline is a sensual, playful song that focuses on expression and having fun.

“It’s me dabbling with my Jamaican heritage and putting my own twist on things whilst keeping it hot and luxurious.”

A musical polymath having mastered the art of production, song writing and engineering, July 7 stands as a uniquely positioned artist in the realm of UK R&B.

His production skills have seen him collaborate with the likes of Young Thug, Sango and Travis Scott but he has proven to be more than a producer-turned-artist with hugely popular EP’s ‘Sweets’ and ‘Chocolate’, confidently contributing to over six milion streams across platforms and over 60k listeners on Spotify alone.

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