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What Adele Was Saying About Rihanna in Super Bowl Meme – Billboard

Written by on 19/02/2023

Adele: full-time pop superstar and beloved meme material. A clip of the hitmaker’s presence at the 2023 Super Bowlspecifically for Rihanna‘s halftime show performance — went viral last weekend, and she’s now confirmed what exactly she was saying in a moment that became a meme.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“I’ve gotta tell you … It’s hard work being a constant meme,” Adele joked from the stage at her Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency on Friday (Feb. 17).

“Everyone was texting me a meme of myself looking — I don’t know what I looked like,” she added, after musing that maybe her face is entertaining because it moves a lot, as she hasn’t had any Botox treatments.

“I was saying she’s gonna be fine,” explained Adele. “She’s gonna like have some weed and be fine. But clearly she couldn’t have any weed because she’s pregnant!”

On Super Bowl Sunday, Rihanna revealed that she’s expecting her second child, after viewers speculated during her halftime show that she was pregnant.

Rewatch the Super Bowl meme, then hear Adele’s comments about being meme-worthy in the fan-filmed concert clip below.

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