We speak to the founder of the UK’s 1st diverse wedding show

We speak to the founder of the UK’s 1st diverse wedding show

CELEBRATING BLACK LOVE: Nova Reid (Photo credit: Rupa Photography)

BORN OUT of frustration for the lack of diversity within the bridal market, Nu Bride founder Nova Reid has launched the UK’s first wedding show dedicated to wedding diversity and the modern millennial couple – featuring everything couples need to plan their wedding day and ever after.

Taking place April 5-6 2019 at Camden House, this boutique show for modern couples will feature visual inspiration to inspire styling, delicious food from the former head chef from Harrods, expert panel discussions, workshops and tips from the experts, including important budgeting and planning advice, blending cultures together, vow writing workshops, wedding wellbeing and tips and much more.

Below, we speak to the woman behind it all, to discuss the challenges of putting on a bridal show and whether the UK bridal sector will become truly inclusive.

Q: Why did you decide to launch Nu Bride Wedding Show?

Nova Reid: Nu Bride was born in 2012 as a wedding website during my own wedding engagement. When I got engaged, I eagerly bought every single magazine off of the shelves and I soon discovered there was a gaping hole in the representation of black women and women of colour.

I felt completely invisible as a modern British woman who is black. There was so little representation for women who looked liked me, or couples like me and my husband who wanted a modern and personal celebration. So I decided to create my own platform and The Wedding Show is an extension to that.

Q: What have been some of the highlights of putting the show together?

Nova Reid: Picking the exhibitors to take part has been one of the hardest and most-heart warming. As part of the application process, we asked exhibitors what diversity means to them and why they want to be part of the show. Some of the responses left me in tears. Many business owners really do want to be the change they want to see in the industry and wider society and really do want to serve and provide a quality service for couples who deserve better and who are so often invisible.

Q: What have been some of the challenges of putting together the show?

Nova Reid: Juggling work life and well-being! Nu Bride is my baby, I don’t have a huge empire behind me, so the balancing act as a business owner is always tough. Being black in an industry that doesn’t have a great track record for representing black women and couples of colour, can be very isolating.

Many wedding shows, especially those catered to couples in the black community have a bad reputation for lacking in quality. So I have had to do a lot of convincing to get people to trust and invest in the show as a black business owner behind the face of the brand. There aren’t many of us in this industry. So raising the bar has been very important to me.

Q: Do you see the UK bridal market becoming more diverse in the future?

Nova Reid: Yes. There are many business owners and brands who welcome diversity in the wedding industry and want it to be simply seen as the norm. Then there are those who only associate weddings with quintessentially white British couples getting married in tux and tails in castles.

Millennial couples in particular are more blended then any other generation and more likely to be in multicultural or interracial relationships. The industry needs to cater to a growing demographic that is changing. Those that do will do great, those that don’t, as we have already started to witness in the industry, will get left behind or lose money.

Q: How do you feel modern couples differ from more traditional couples in terms of what they want for their wedding day?

Nova Reid: They are stylish and care about standards. They want a marriage that is an equal one, where they define roles that work for them. They want to add their stamp to their day. To express their own personal style and be who they are, unapologetically.

They don’t want a cardboard cut-out of everyone else’s day. They want to make sure their guests have a great time and that their day reflects who they are. Whether that’s by writing their own vows, or creatively fusing cultures together. They want to celebrate in style and do things their own way, with quality businesses who show up and authentically engage with them.

Q: What can people expect from attending The Wedding Show?

Nova Reid: There will be talks on everything from; planning a sustainable wedding, creatively fusing cultures together, planning an equal marriage, to managing stress and mindfulness with leading Harley Street experts.

We also know that money is really important to couples, so we’re teaming up with financial advisors offering complimentary 1-2-1’s on future financial planning and being clever with your money and making it go further.

Additionally, we’re also partnering with Brides do Good a social enterprise that offers brides-to-be the chance to buy luxury designer dresses at an affordable price with a portion of the proceeds donated to help end child marriage and fund charity projects supporting and empowering vulnerable young girls and their communities.

There is everything under one roof to support stylish couples who care about quality and equality to make headway with their plans.

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