Toya Delazy Switches Pace with ‘Find Di Boy’


SOUTH AFRICAN born MC, artist, founder and activist, Toya Delazy, talks transcending tradition with infectious new single “Find Di Boy,” out tomorrow.

Delazy’s hypnotic and effortless vocal delivery disguises a poignant tale of breaking binary norms to find love in the new track. Bringing a self-produced afrobeats infused sound, it’s a fitting tempo switch for the pioneer of beat heavy ‘Afro-Rave’ joints. 

Delazy says: “Going back to basics these recent months has got me realising that human love is all that’s guaranteed. It reminded me of years spent chasing a fake ‘fairytale’ and feeling rejected, just because I didn’t know that love comes in every and any form.

Toya Delazy

“It’s a pretty personal one for me, lockdown got me in my feels and I wanted to reflect that moment in time. The Afro-Rave baseline will be back though.”

Unconstrained by the limitations of genre, Delazy operates in the space between jazz, electro, grime and hip-hop, synthesising her influences into a diverse aesthetic that transcends borders both artistic and geographical.

A household name in her native South Africa, Delazy’s known not just for her visionary artistry but also using her platform to champion equality, such as challenging racist school curriculums in the Independent and voicing the first black Powerpuff Girl

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