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Tiwa Savage on Working With Beyonce, Coronation Backlash & More – Billboard

Written by on 28/10/2023

Tiwa Savage, the Queen of Afrobeats, stopped by Billboard News and opened up about the Afrobeats explosion, the backlash she received for performing at the coronation of King Charles III, being a backup singer for Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson and Mary J. Blige and more!

Tiwa Savage:
I’m always so nervous about fashion because I just want to be like this, and obviously you can’t go to Paris and like …

Tetris Kelly:
I’ve been telling her that I want these shoes. I desperately want them.

Tiwa Savage:
Hey, everyone. I’m Tiwa Savage, and you are watching Billboard News.

Tetris Kelly:
It’s Tetris with Billboard News, and I’m hanging with Tiwa Savage. What’s up, girl? How are you doing?

Tiwa Savage:
I’m good! How are you?

Tetris Kelly:
I’m loving the vibe. You got me feeling comfortable and ready to hang.

Tiwa Savage:
It’s chill! You guys … I mean look at the couch. I feel really relaxed.

Tetris Kelly:
You’re not new to this game, obviously. Ten years doing this, I mean, from X-Factor to all of your career. How does it feel now that Afrobeats is kind of at the forefront, obviously here in the States, to, like, be new, but also not new at all?

Tiwa Savage:
Right. When I kind of got into it, it was, like you said, it wasn’t crossing over yet, so to see it now and to still be in the game, it’s like a blessing for me. I’m just inspired, like, wow, like, seeing an Afrobeats artist achieve a billion streams, and I’ll be like, “What? That was impossible.” Not even when I started, when I was just, like, a fan of, you know, like, the Afrobeats genre, so when I see, I’m, like, so inspired.

Watch the full video above to see what Tiwa Savage has to say about working with Beyonce and more!

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