The Voice African and Caribbean Food and Restaurant Guide 2020-21 is here


WELCOME TO the fifth Voice African and Caribbean Food and Restaurant Guide. This 2020/2021 edition is digital! We started this journey in January 2016 and look how far we have come. With limited events at which to distribute the guide, this year we have embraced technology to ensure that this is shared far and wide. In this issue, the advertisements are linked to websites to provide direct access to the companies in the guide. Videos have also been included to confirm the adage…. a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our 96-page keepsake is your essential directory for African and Caribbean cuisine throughout the United Kingdom.

African and Caribbean cuisine continues to experience steady growth and increasing popularity which is demonstrated by its inclusion in numerous TV food shows with celebrity chefs. Veganism and Vegetarianism are also on the rise, chefs are reflecting this in their menus.

With the recent lockdown during the Covid 19 pandemic, home cooking has become essential, and many people had the time to experiment or perfect their culinary skills. At the height of lockdown, cooking videos for African and Caribbean dishes became widespread and flooded social media platforms.

Many more food businesses now trade online and so there is an increase of African and Caribbean food choices from numerous delivery services.

In this new issue, we take you behind the scenes of some of our well-loved African and Caribbean cuisine; share the nutritional value of herbs, share an exciting variety of videos from our sponsor Grace Foods UK; provide current listings of African and Caribbean Food restaurants from across the UK.

Producing the 5th edition of the guide was no easy feat with many persons still working remotely and several businesses slowly reopening. We are proud to be Britain’s leading black media group and we strive to continually support our community.

Please support these businesses, visit their websites, email or call them and watch the creative videos that they have produced and, let them know you found them in The Voice African and Caribbean Food and Restaurant Guide digital edition.

… remember “ good food, good people, good times”

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