The Swerve Trailer Sends a Young Mother Spiraling Into Madness [Exclusive]


Epic Pictures has provided us with an exclusive trailer from their upcoming thriller The Swerve. Actress Azura Skye stars as a mother struggling with mental illness in the movie, which has been heavily praised by critics. The thriller was written and directed by Dean Kapsalis and stars Skye, alongside Bryce Pinkham, Ashley Bell, and Zach Rand. The Swerve hits VOD and other digital platforms on September 22nd.

Holly seems to have it all: two kids, a nice house, a good job as a teacher, and a husband with his career on the way up. But there are troubling signs that all is not right in her world. The insomnia. The medication for the insomnia. The dreams from the medication for the insomnia. The arrival of her estranged sister and a mouse invading her home don’t help either. Add the weight of a dark secret, and her already delicate balance collapses, sending her spiraling out of control.

With her riveting and acclaimed performance as Holly, Azura Skye effortlessly crafts a portrait of a struggling mother on the edge. Writer/director Dean Kapsalis’ powerfully heart-wrenching feature debut explores a week in the life of a woman on the verge in this haunting meditation on mental illness.

The Swerve celebrated its world premiere at the 2019 Cinepocalypse Film Festival, and screened at the 2019 Panic Film Festival; winning both awards for Best Actress for Azura Skye. The film will be releasing on major VOD/Digital platforms beginning Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

Yulissa Morales, Epic Pictures and Dread’s Director of Distribution says,”The Swerve is such a mesmerizing film from the perspective of someone we should call more often, Mom. A woman’s happiness is often an afterthought and it’s something so beautifully captured in this film.” Lorry Kikta says the movie is “…a brilliant depiction of a woman struggling with mental illness… 10 out of 10.” You can check out the trailer for The Swerve above.

The Swerve poster

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