The Law of Attraction: How to Make it Work, 6 Jan 2020


6 Jan 2020 – Workshop at The Slug and Lettuce, Harborne


In this ground breaking workshop learn how to supercharge your life using the powerful law of attraction combined with self-hypnosis and other techniques
Manifesting your wishes can be closer than you think.
This workshop will explain the steps that will help you with making your wishes come true and ensure that law of attraction manifestation techniques get the results you desire.

Is the Law of Attraction new to you, then this workshop will also answer the following questions.
Have you ever wondered what the law of Attraction or the secret was ?
or How can it benefit you ?
Have you been practising the Law of Attraction and getting nowhere?
This may be just the answer…
This workshop will explain what the law of attraction is, how it may help you achieve your desired goals and also help with problems you may be experiencing.
Learn how to confidently use self-hypnosis to replace your limiting beliefs and thoughts with positive empowering beliefs and thoughts, thereby changing what you attract into your life.
Cost of workshop £10

If you have trouble finding us please phone me on 07455757144


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