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The Kid LAROi Mocks Celebrity Sex Tapes in ‘I Guess It’s Love?’ Video – Billboard

Written by on 27/02/2023

The Kid LAROi may only be 19, but the singer has already had plenty of experience with being chased by the paparazzi and seeing fake news about himself in the tabloid press. That dark side of stardom appears to have inspired the satirical video for the singer’s new single, “I Guess It’s Love.”

In the Helmi-directed clip that dropped on Monday (Feb. 27), the Kid stars alongside his influencer/model girlfriend Katarina Deme as a photogenic, young-and-in-love celebrity couple whose every kiss and fight is caught on camera by prying eyes.

Things start off pretty cute, with LAROi pulling pranks on his beloved, jumping on a trampoline with her, sharing salty snacks, exotic vacations, poolside makeouts and plenty of intimate moments rolling around in bed. Some, in fact, seems NSFW, including a barely clothed sauna session, plenty of shots of the pair in their underwear and footage of Deme just barely covered in bubbles in a bath.

Is it real, or is it a set-up?

Things get weird a minute in, when the visuals go wonky and suddenly LAROi seems out of sorts, bloated and rocking a bad goatee and mustache and floppy, unkempt blonde hair. What follows is an avalanche of kissing for the camera shots, a parade of exiting the limo footage and what looks like long-lens snaps of the happy couple in mid blow-out argument.

They keep performing for the camera as their visages get more and more Hollywood, with Deme suddenly developing wildly exaggerated features and lips as she and LAROi rapidly age. Even as they transform into middle-age social media junkies, the pair continue to chronicle every private moment, including their octogenarian wedding.

The dreamy FnZ-produced song is slated to appear on the Kid’s upcoming debut full-length album, The First Time; so far fans have already heard the single “Kids Are Growing Up” and “Love Again.”

Check out the “I Guess It’s Love?” video below.

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