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The “highest levels” of White House leadership pushed for social media censorship, lawsuit alleges –

Written by on 14/01/2023

Image: The “highest levels” of White House leadership pushed for social media censorship, lawsuit alleges

(Natural News)
So far, America’s legal system is siding with the Biden regime against numerous state attorneys general who are accusing it of collusion with Big Tech to censor unapproved content from the internet.

The courts say that little evidence exists to prove that White House staffers, including former Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty, ever pressured social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to censor information – though newly revealed documents suggest otherwise.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently blocked the deposition of Psaki and Flaherty in an ongoing lawsuit filed by attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri. The three-judge panel overturned the deposition order in the case, arguing that Psaki’s deposition does not meet the “extraordinary circumstances” necessary to depose former and current top government officials.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, responded by stating that he has “no problem with the court’s request,” adding that he and his team “look forward to obtaining more discovery.” (Related: Donald Trump and the Republicans failed to deal with Big Tech censorship when they still had the chance).

Some of that discovery includes a leaked email to an undisclosed Facebook employee in which Flaherty openly berated the Mark Zuckerberg-run social media platform for not engaging in enough censorship, in his opinion.

“I still don’t have a good, empirical answer on how effective you’ve been at reducing the spread of vaccine-skeptical content and misinformation to vaccine fence sitters in the now-folded ‘lockdown,’” Flaherty whined in the email, demanding that more be done to silence free speech.


Flaherty threatened Facebook, YouTube to enact more censorship protocols

In another email, Flaherty demanded that Facebook provide “assurances” that its existing censorship measures at the time not be rolled back any further, even though the scamdemic was rapidly falling apart at the time when he was corresponding with the platform.

“We’ll look out for the top trends that you’ve seen in terms of misinformation around the vaccine,” Flaherty further wrote in threatening language.

Flaherty also took issue with Google-owned YouTube’s “funneling” of people “into hesitance and intensifying people’s hesitancy.” According to Flaherty, YouTube needed to get a better “handle” on censorship by “working toward making the problem better.”

“This is a concern that is shared at the highest (and I mean highest) levels of the WH (White House), so we’d like to continue a good-faith dialogue about what is going on under the hood here,” Flaherty admitted. “I’m the [sic] on the hook for reporting out.”

These emails will surely be added to the discovery put forth by Landry and the others in pursuing justice against the Biden regime. The Trump regime reportedly also pressured social media platforms to engage in funny business concerning the free flow of information during the early stages of the plandemic, but these Republican-led lawsuits are focused specifically on Democrat collusion.

The consequence of all this censorship was widespread uptake of covid “vaccines” and obedience to lockdowns and mask mandates, which destroyed businesses and lives in the name of public health. Both regimes are to blame for this, though the Biden regime arguably took the tyranny to a whole new level.

“The ‘elites’ are downright dirty, corrupt, and full of deceit,” wrote a commenter at Natural News about the matter. “One prophecy in Isaiah 59 talks about how ‘they hatch the eggs of vipers and weave a spider’s web. Whoever eats their eggs will die; crack one open, and a viper is hatched.”

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