Tessellated – ‘Me and my lady’


ONE OF the most innovative and creative artists from the Caribbean follows up the critically acclaimed ‘No Ansa’with his new single.

‘Me and My Lady’is an ode to modern-day 21st Century love. Rhythmically hypnotising, Tessellated flawlessly glides through the beats to weave a mesmerising tapestry for his second single.

“The inspiration for the song was the reality of modern-day romance”, he says. “I remember watching ‘Queen & Slim’ and being inspired to write a song about a powerful couple, a classic story.

“Then I started thinking about the fact that even for people who aren’t on the run from police there’s so many things for partners to navigate and so many distractions out there.

“The message of the song for me is, sometimes things are great and sometimes they are terrible, but it doesn’t matter if we can go through it all together, ride or die energy.”

Co-produced by Holland based Tera Kòrá, and part of the forthcoming ‘Tropics Vol 1’ EP, ‘Me and My Lady’ carefully stirs together many different musical styles as you would expect from Tess –from the distinctive Caribbean beat that drives the track, to the unmistaken African influence sprinkled with some European guitar for good measure.

It’s a golden period for Tessellated. He was recently nominated for a prestigious Emmy Award for his work on the Airpods campaign, and the success of his first single ‘No Ansa ’saw him undertake promo duties from London to Lagos and beyond.

‘Me and My Lady’ promises to turn it up a notch, as we head towards the release of his long awaited EP.

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