Stormzy surprises teen fan by redecorating bedroom


STORMZY HAS surprised a teenage fan by redecorating his bedroom.

The grime artist joined decorating company The Good Guys, which provides free painting and decorating services to those in need.

His work to transform the bedroom of 15-year-old Ishae was captured by the BBC.

In the video, Stormzy, who recently pledged to donate £10 million over the next decade to organisations working to empower black people in the UK, spoke about the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

He told the BBC’s Tarah Welsh: “We’ve been going to the protest. I haven’t been going there to grab the mic. I’ve just been saying: ‘Yo, this is sick. I’m happy everyone is here”.”

He added: “I feel like I don’t have any answers. A lot of people don’t have answers but we’re all just trying, we’re all just getting together, we’re all just standing together.

“One thing I really want this movement to do is show what it really means to be black.”

The star also spoke about staying off social media. Earlier this year the star deleted his accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

He said: “I love it [social media] for bare reasons. but it’s also a toxic, negative place where you’re consuming so much and I was like, I don’t need to consume that much so I said I’m going to delete it.”

While he’s used to commanding a stage, Stormzy needed reassurance from Good Guys co-founder, Cyle, about his paint work.

Ishae was visibly shocked when he returned home and Stormzy opened his front door.

He told the BBC: “I do music myself, innit. Stormzy’s just up there innit.”

“It means a lot because he’s a brilliant boy,” his mum, Sandra, told the BBC.

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