Statement from The Voice in response to Wiley article


THE VOICE has been a campaigning newspaper since its inception –  tackling race inequality and social injustice for the Black community has been at our core for 38 years.

The Voice has not, and makes it clear again, supported or in any way condoned the outbursts by Wiley that the Jewish community finds offensive. We do not support the stereotyping of any race or group.

As a black media outlet, we are here to give our people a voice.  That doesn’t mean we will always agree with everything that is published.

It saddens us deeply that persons have implied that we are anti-Semitic.  Our long history in the community and our track record does not support this view.

Going forward, our different communities must come together, talk more and show the solidarity that binds us together rather than pits one against the other.  The Voice will remain a champion of that and will continue to work with various groups in this regard.

We are in conversation with Jewish leaders and have given them the right of reply.

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