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SRP24 founder Steve Slepcevic issues urgent warning – Wealthy ELITES preparing to hole up in heavily-stocked BUNKERS –

Written by on 10/12/2023

SRP24 founder Steve Slepcevic issues urgent warning – Wealthy ELITES preparing to hole up in heavily-stocked BUNKERS

SRP24 founder Steve Slepcevic issues urgent warning – Wealthy ELITES preparing to hole up in heavily-stocked BUNKERS

Auto-generated summary and highlights

Disaster management and recovery planning.

  • Steve Slepcevich, managing partner of, discusses his company’s disaster management services, including planning, logistics, and recovery efforts for critical infrastructure such as hospitals and ports during natural disasters.
  • SRP’s services include creating plans for facilities, positioning vendors for cleanup and recovery, and keeping critical life support systems operational during and after natural disasters.

Disaster response and security in various locations.

  • Slepcevic owns a cyber defense team that provides security services in disaster zones, including looting and lawlessness prevention.
  • His team is highly trained and consists of firefighters, paramedics, and Urban Search and Rescue experts who have left their previous jobs due to COVID-19 vaccination mandates.
  • He describes how their team, including multilingual members, quickly adapted to the changing situation in Acapulco after a hurricane, using their private plane to deliver water and food to those in need.
  • He highlights the collaboration between their team and a volunteer search and rescue group from Mexico, despite limited resources, to help those affected by the hurricane.

Disaster response and client charging.

  • Steve describes a challenging deployment experience during Hurricane Katrina, including a successful effort to keep the hospital’s life support systems online despite severe damage.

US disaster readiness and response.

  • Steve discusses the readiness of America for disasters, highlighting the vulnerability of the power grid and the challenges of obtaining parts from outside the country.
  • Steve provides an example of the impact of a grid failure in Texas during a cold snap in 2021, with 30 mile impact zone and line workers coming in from as far as Ohio and Indiana.
  • Adams highlights the lack of preparedness in America, citing the example of the 1994 Northridge earthquake and its impact on the fire department’s response.
  • Steve shares their experience in Bowery, where they provided assistance to the EOC despite being turned away initially due to the lack of resources and manpower.

Toxic chemicals released by Maui fires and health impacts.

  • Steve explains that the aftermath of the Maui fires has revealed toxic chemicals, including dioxins, heavy metals, and chloride compounds, which are leaching into the groundwater and causing health problems for residents.
  • Adams adds that the fine particulate matter from the fires is getting entrained into the air and causing respiratory issues for people in the area, with potential for higher rates of cancer and other diseases.

EPA’s response to toxic chemical spill and government transparency.

  • Adams: EPA often covers up toxicity, downplaying risks to public health (0:19:55)
  • Slepcevic: Personal friends working at EPA share information about government cover-ups and misleading the public (0:20:43)
  • Adams mentions their lab is about to bring online dioxin testing equipment, and offers to share samples for analysis.
  • Steve provides insight on how to capture evidence in a critical manner, and connects listeners with independent labs and experts.

Unexplained fires in Maui and coordinated riots.

  • Slepcevic shares their experience with unusual fires in Maui, including vehicles that burned with no fuel source and bodies that were burned in a way that is not normal.
  • Steve mentions a network of people who have this information and are sharing it, despite becoming targets for doing so.
  • The speaker observed that riots were staged in a coordinated manner, with foreign nationals involved.

Disaster response, satellite phones, and control theories.

  • Slepcevic believes that the recent natural disasters are driven by a desire for control, with insurance premiums increasing and some properties being bought for real estate investment.
  • He feels protected by God while responding to disasters, but also recognizes the presence of demonic forces causing destruction or chaos.
  • He mentions satellite phones as the only reliable means of communication in certain zones, citing their encryption and ability to function even without cell service.
  • He also highlights the satellite phone store as a valuable resource for first responders, citing donations to county officials and emergency operations.
  • Speaker discusses importance of satellite phones for emergency communication.

Prepping and survival strategies in a post-SHTF world.

  • Speakers discuss fragility of systems during natural disasters, including cell service and security.
  • Slepcevic mentions elites are building bunkers for 10 years, off the grid and off the range, with a minimum of 3 years of food supply.
  • He believes the system is going to go down, and white hats and black hats are prepping for unknown events.
  • He emphasizes the importance of preparation and embracing discomfort to build resilience in the face of uncertainty.
  • He shares personal experiences of surviving in remote and off-grid areas with limited resources, highlighting the importance of trusting God and tuning into spirit during challenging situations.

Preparedness and response to unforeseen events.

  • Slepcevic emphasizes the importance of spiritual, mental, and physical preparation for unexpected events, encouraging individuals to “get their house in order” and be “100% accountable for everything they do moment to moment.”
  • He offers to connect listeners with resources and vendors to help them prepare ahead of time, highlighting the importance of having direct suppliers and connects in place during emergencies.
  • Adams invites viewers to visit for business services and encourages them to prep for unknown challenges.
  • Health Ranger Store offers laboratory-tested, high-end nutrition products, including organic nascent iodine and collagen peptides, with strict quality control measures in place.
  • The company’s in-house laboratory is ISO accredited and GMP compliant, providing customers with confidence in the quality and purity of their products.



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