Sneakbo vows to help a person from Brixton every month


RAPPER SNEAKBO helped a Black homeless person from Brixton, and shared it on his Instagram stories. 

In the video, the man is seen receiving a haircut. The rapper, whose full name is Agassi Babatunde Odusina, also pledges to provide the man with food and clothing. 

In a now-deleted tweet, the rapper said: “I f*cked the whole of Brixton as a young boy

“The least I can do is give back. Brixton made me who I am.” 

Further along in the video, the homeless man is seen counting a big wad of cash. Odusina says he has given him £1,000. 

There is some suggestion that the homeless man may have more complex needs, because the rapper also suggests he will “make him sober up.”

The homeless man said he would open a business with the money, and that he wouldn’t need to beg again. 

At the end of the video, the two men part ways and wish each other God’s blessings. 

The rapper, who called himself the Brixton Santa in the video, said he doesn’t want his good deed to be a one-off. 

He suggested that his act of goodwill would be a monthly occurrence, adding: “I’m going to come to the hood, help a random person.” 

It’s not the first time a good deed towards a homeless person has been shared on social media. 

A TikTok user claimed another Black homeless person in the capital looked like Stormzy. When she came across the video, a teenager decided she wanted to help. 

The young woman started a GoFundMe page and used the money she collected to provide the man with basic necessities, and longer term help for substance misuse issues.

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