Short course: Soulfulness in the Present


IF YOU want to learn and remember emotional wellness strategies from an African Centred perspective, this sort course could be for you.

Brought about by Nubia Wellness and Healing, ‘Soulfulness in the Present’ is a short three-week online African centred emotional wellness course hosted on

The site provides people with the opportunity to experience African psychology courses and webinars directly.

Specifically focusing on growth during the current time of COVID-19 virus pandemic, organisers of the ‘Soulfulness in the Present’ course which starts on June 3, say students will learn about ‘African centred Meditations’ with material students can download.

The course also features: Wellness tips for you and others, five online live classes (with use of breakout rooms for small discussions), electronic workbooks and worksheets students can type directly onto and a CPD certificate.

The course is facilitated by Dr Erica Mapule McInnis (Afrikan Centred Chartered Clinical Psychologist, UK) with bonus guest live masterclass from Dr Shelly Harrell (Pepperdine University, USA and Developer of Soulfulness Model).


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