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Shocking new evidence points to Israel using uranium and neutron bombs in Gaza –

Written by on 18/12/2023

There has been a lot of speculation over the years surrounding the type of nuclear capabilities and arsenal Israel possesses, but one expert says it is clear that Israel has been using a type of uranium radiation weapon. The evidence is simple yet powerful: enriched uranium is being found in environmental samples in the Middle East, and especially in Gaza, where its presence is rising – and it is not something that occurs naturally.

This is according to the research of Christopher Busby, a top nuclear physicist in Europe and longtime researcher of the biochemical damage caused by the long-range dispersal of depleted uranium weapons. Busby, who was a member of the UK Ministry of Defense’s Depleted Uranium Oversight Board, publishes his findings through the consultancy Green Audit.

His newest research paper, “Evidence for the use by Israel of a neutron uranium warhead in Palestine and Lebanon”, makes for very compelling reading. It explains how different measurements using a variety of techniques have found enriched uranium in samples taken from air, soil, bomb craters and other sources in Gaza.

This is supported by the results of a study published in the scientific journal Nature in 2021, which showed that the levels of uranium enrichment in samples from Gaza have been rising significantly since 2008.

Uranium, Green Audit’s research paper notes, is anthropogenic and doesn’t exist in nature, which means the only possible explanation for its presence is weapons – which they believe to be those used by Israel in the case of Gaza and similar findings in Lebanon.

The report notes: “It is proposed that the only logical answer is that a Uranium-based weapon exists that produces U-235 by neutron activation and has been deployed. Such a weapon must be some kind of neutron bomb.”

Enriched uranium found in samples taken from sites Israel has bombed

Green Audit reports that it was contacted by a Lebanese physicist who was concerned about gamma radiation measurements he took at a weapon crater in Khiam, Lebanon, after Israel bombed the area in 2006. He said there was a 20-fold excess in gamma radiation in the crater compared to the background.

After analyzing samples taken from the crater as well as an ambulance from Beirut where large bombs were dropped, they found that there was evidence of enriched uranium, but the UN insisted at the time that its own tests showed natural ratios.

Doctors in Gaza reached out to Green Audit in 2009 to express their concerns about unexplained weapon effects they observed in people of all ages, including children, who had been exposed to the flash of Israeli missiles and bombs. Busby attempted to go to Egypt to obtain samples but was refused permission. However, they were able to test samples that were smuggled out of Gaza, and they once again found the presence of enriched uranium.

A new study that looked at samples from Gazan sand, soil and recycled building materials, as well as sand from Sinai, was published in 2021. All of the samples taken from Gaza had enriched uranium, while the sand from Sinai did not; Sinai is not in Gaza and can be thought of as a control. The results were measured using gamma spectrometry, which is known for having greater accuracy than other methods because it is a whole specimen method. The study’s authors report that the enrichment levels were far higher than those found in samples from Gaza following the 2008 bombing; Gaza was again bombed by Israel in 2014.

Weapons are ideal for urban fighting

The authors believe that Israel may have used a weapon containing U-238 that produces U-235 as part of nuclear explosions. These weapons are considered neutron bombs because they produce neutrons.

If the report’s conclusions are correct and Israel is using weapons of this variety, it is bad news for everyone in Gaza as the health effects, not surprisingly, are devastating. If these weapons are exposing people to uranium aerosol particles and neutrons, it can cause immediate effects such as vaporized human limbs and severe burns; we already know there have been reports of unusual flash burns on casualties in Gaza in the current war. These weapons also have genetic effects, and there have been reports of excess birth defects in Gaza.

The authors also note that neutron weapons and uranium particulate aerosols are ideal choices for armies that are dealing with targets that hide in urban environments as they pass through walls, which is exactly what Israel is dealing with in Gaza right now, while their genetic effects mean they are effective in aiding genocide.

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