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Sexual predators avoid jail time by identifying as “transgender” –

Written by on 26/07/2023

A “non-binary” Scottish pedophile by the name of Lucas Cole – Cole now uses the fake transgender name “Oliver James Bond” – avoided jail time following his recent conviction simply because he belongs to the special protected class of deviants known as LGBTs.

Beginning in 2010 when the teenager was just 15 years old, Cole repeatedly sexually abused a young boy over the course of six years. Cole, who was 20 at the time it all began, befriended the teen, gained his trust, and proceeded to molest the boy in his sleep.

According to reports, Cole sexually attacked the boy on numerous occasions. In one instance, the boy woke up and Cole’s genitals were in his mouth. In another instance, Cole basically raped the boy, later claiming that he enjoyed a “friends with benefits” situation with the boy, which was a lie.

“[Cole] would assault the boy two more times over the course of the next six years, once in Kinross between September 5, 2013, and September 4, 2014, and once between September 5, 2013, and September 4, 2014,” one media source reported. “In the second attack, Bond repeatedly grabbed the teenager’s genitals, overpowering him and pulling down his pants before performing a sex act on him.”

“In the third, Cole again began assaulting the victim while he was asleep.”

(Related: A new law just passed in Ireland makes it a criminal offense to “misgender” someone – call them by the “wrong” pronouns and go to jail for five years.)

Transgender privilege means more sex crimes that go unpunished

Cole was later found guilty on all charges after a jury deliberation that lasted just one hour. However, Cole’s “non-binary” LGBT status “bestowed him with significant privilege,” to quote LifeSiteNews‘ Jonathon Van Maren.


Despite taking advantage of an underage minor while said minor was innocently sleeping, trusting his so-called “friend” not to harm him, Cole, a convicted pedophile, received zero jail time. Instead, he was given 200 hours of community service.

“With some hesitation I am going to allow you to remain at liberty,” said Sheriff David Hall at the time. “You were convicted by the jury of all three charges.”

Cole will also have to have his name entered in the registered sex offender database for five years as well as abide by a curfew for six months. Other than that, though, Cole is free to go on raping and taking advantage of young boys if he so chooses because the Scottish system of “justice” saw fit to give him special treatment for his non-binary status.

“This could be yet another case of weak justice being served by Western courts,” Maren says. “It is easy to find outrageously soft sentences handed out to sexual predators.”

“But this may also be a case of ‘transgender privilege,’ in which people who choose to identify as a gender or sexual minority seem to escape being held to the standard that others would be held to.”

Cole is hardly an exception, either. There are many such cases involving non-binaries and transgenders who commit heinous sexual crimes, often against children, and go unpunished for them because of their special protected status as LGBTs.

“Why are male sexual predators who identify as women getting sent to women’s prisons?” Maren wants to know. “Why is a man guilty of abusing teenage boys allowed to walk free, without jail time, after multiple convictions? And why does this seem to be happening so often?”

In the comments, someone asked how much more Western civilization will be allowed to decay like this “before our Huns-and-Vandals moment?”

Transgenderism is a vehicle to transhumanism and legalized pedophilia. Learn more at

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