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Sarasota Memorial Hospital punishes doctor for mentioning that ivermectin cured his patients of covid –

Written by on 25/02/2023

Image: NO TREATMENT ALLOWED: Sarasota Memorial Hospital punishes doctor for mentioning that ivermectin cured his patients of covid

(Natural News)
For daring to testify in support of ivermectin, an FDA-approved medication that is among the safest and most effective drugs in the world, Dr. John Littell was kicked out of a Sarasota Memorial Hospital board meeting this week.

The family practice physician and former United States Army soldier was in the middle of explaining how ivermectin has helped many of his patients overcome the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) when triggered board members freaked out and told him to leave the room immediately.

Everything was going fine and people in attendance, as well as the board, were listening with interest until the precise moment Littell brought up ivermectin in relation to his patient care routine. All hell broke loose as board members with Ivermectin Derangement Syndrome (IDS) suffered a meltdown and ordered him to flee their presence.

“I have dozens of cases I can share with you,” Littell tried to state as he was being interrupted by another irate board member – watch the video below.

“But let me just tell you this. If you’re going to be the best, be the first to admit wrongdoing. Just think about how many lives could have been spared. And I was disciplined for giving ivermectin.”

(Related: Check out this study showing that ivermectin reduces the risk of covid death by 92 percent.)

Sarasota Memorial Hospital is a fascist organization that hates science

Littell was apparently expected to only speak about the so-called “vaccine,” which is the only “remedy” that Sarasota Memorial Hospital accepts as valid for treating the Fauci Flu.


Despite the fact that numerous other hospital workers agree with Littell, having themselves seen firsthand the powers of ivermectin, he was kicked out of the meeting and forcibly ejected by a police officer from the meeting.

Nobody who agrees with Littell is brave enough to say anything positive about ivermectin “for fear of retribution,” he says. Many of them, however, would routinely call Littell throughout the scamdemic to ask him for access to ivermectin.

“All over the state I got calls from doctors and lawyers and mayors and teachers, and I just treated them with stuff that I knew worked and kept them out of the hospital,” he said – watch the follow-up video below of Littell speaking his mind outside the board meeting:

Littell is said to have violated some kind of “protocol,” which was the excuse given for his ejection.

“I have to confess: I’ve never been to a hospital board meeting ever,” Littell explained later that day, adding that he is still in shock over the fact that he was escorted off the property by a police officer “as though I’m some kind of a criminal and all I did was speak my mind.”

Also this week, a new meta-analysis of ivermectin found that the drug produces “overwhelmingly positive” results when administered as a treatment protocol for covid. This flies in the face of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warnings that ivermectin “should be avoided.”

“Doctors know about ivermectin but they have expensive homes in nice neighborhoods and they need to make their payments so they remain silent,” wrote someone on Twitter about why the American medical industry is inexplicably hostile towards ivermectin.

“Doctors also took an oath to ‘do no harm,’” responded another. “Remdesivir did a lot of harm! And they had to have known that.”

“I no longer trust any general doctor’s practice. And there is no such thing as a ‘family doctor’ anymore. They couldn’t care less about the health of your family.”

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