Ruti goes all DIY with her latest visuals


HAVING RELEASED her first single of the year, Ruti glided effortlessly into summer with her track “Closer To You”.

Because of Lockdown, I decided it might be a fun project to make the music video for ‘closer to you’ myself


Now, to follow the single release, Ruti share’s her homemade music video and product of lockdown creativity, out this August 20.

“Closer To You” is a gently meandering neo-soul offering with Ruti’s dulcet tones backdropped on bed of breezy production at the hands of Wayne Wilkins, known for his work most notably with Beyoncé and Leona Lewis.

The single is the first track of a four-track EP to be released later this year and it stands as an impressive entrance into the project, allowing Ruti’s name to sit comfortably amongst fellow female risers Celeste, Pip Millett, Arlo Parks and Mahalia.

The respective music video is an endearing, DIY visualiser kindred to Ruti’s youthful, uplifting spirit.

Recruiting the creative eye of her sister, they pieced the video together using the backdrop of Ruti’s local spots, culminating in an authentic product of lockdown and the creative ways around its possible restraints!

Speaking on the video, Ruti explains: “Because of Lockdown, I decided it might be a fun project to make the music video for ‘closer to you’ myself.

“I got my little sister to film me at various locations in our town (I did pay her) and then I edited the clips together on Final Cut Pro – which I literally just started using at the beginning of lockdown.

“My sister actually took the single artwork picture as well, she’s been a huge part of this project.”

Arriving a year after the release of her 2019 iTunes chart topping debut EP, Racing Cars, and two years after her similarly successful debut single, “Dreams”, Ruti returns with a fresh collection of reflective and intimate neo-soul flavoured jams.

A self-described “seasonal person”, Ruti’s laid-back summer-infused new tracks glow with confidence, providing a rich soundscape for her leftfield melodies and soothing soprano.

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