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Resistance movement continues to grow in America – Brighteon.TV –

Written by on 28/07/2023

The resistance movement in America is building up and continuing its growth, according to former intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather’s assessment.

He shared this assessment during the July 21 episode of “Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV, noting that the resistance is building against the Great Reset, transhumanism and the demonic ideologies proliferating in society.

“This is the cultural shift and rising of the resistance – of pedos versus parents, of reset versus resistance, of the godly versus the demonic that is happening. The transhumanist versus the humans all over the world [is] very much building here,” Prather said. “That’s very important to build the resistance that is crucial to and that is classic unconventional warfare happening.”

He cited examples of this resistance manifesting in American songs, such as “Trump Won” by Natasha Owens and “Try That In A Small Town” by country singer Jason Aldean. The “Prather Point” host noted that Aldean’s song is exposing corruption in the country and calling it out through music.

“We are building a fourth-generation resistance movement – legal, moral, ethical and nonviolent – in our own country against our own government,” the Brighteon.TV host remarked.

Halls of Congress also seeing resistance

According to the former intelligence officer, the corrupt halls of Congress are seeing activity from both “real” Republicans and the so-called Republicans in name only (RINOs). The GOP-controlled House of Representatives is having trouble attesting to the remarks of Joe Ziegler and his supervisor Gary Shapley, both from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


While the two IRS whistleblowers confirmed that the Biden family got special treatment, congressional Democrats are trying to sidetrack the issue. This distraction, Prather noted, is an attempt to veer the Biden crime family away from the projected charge of treason. He added that it is very clear the Democrats and the Deep State are losing ground in their infiltration of the government, with many more whistleblowers coming out.

Aside from Ziegler and Shapley, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) has come out and testified before lawmakers. He disclosed a lot of things during his testimony, including that of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and the vaccine supposedly against it.

According to the candidate, studies weren’t actually done on the harmful injections. Prather said RFK Jr.’s compelling testimony about vaccine damage and rising autism rates in children also shows how the Democrats and Deep State are losing control.

The “Prather Point” host also mentioned how the Democrats tried to smear RFK Jr. as a racist over his claim that COVID-19 targets certain ethnicities. However, these same Democrats couldn’t disprove that COVID-19 and the vaccines are genetic bioweapons that can be targeted to genetic groups and even to individuals. (Related: Report: Democrats want to censor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in censorship hearing.)

Sadly, Prather said nothing is going to happen as Congress no longer has any real power. The Deep State-controlled Congress, he added, is a theater where nothing that isn’t pre-planned happens.

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Watch the July 21 episode of “The Prather Point” below. “The Prather Point” with Jeffrey Prather airs every Friday at 10-11 a.m. and every Saturday at 7-8 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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