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Hillery & Son

An authentic premium Jamaican Rum Punch
created from the closely guarded Bryan family recipe.

For many decades the Bryan’s family have been synonymous with rum punch, both in the UK and Jamaica. With family and friends ordering this homemade rum punch for parties of all occasions. As the years went on the interest and demand for the rum punch grew, which led to the conception of the love child Hillery & Son Premium Rum Punch (H&S).

Hillery & Son Rum Punch recipe is dating back over 100 years. This age old special recipe has been passed through generations, perfecting a unique blend of exotic fruit infused with the finest premium Jamaican white rum. The brand name reflects the foundation of the drink. Hillery being the name of founder, Marlon Bryan’s mother who taught him how to create and refine the great flavour of what Hillery & Son has today.

Marlon Bryan is a visionary entrepreneur who founded the company in 2012. After three years of growth and development of the brand, Hillery & Son is now being enjoyed across the UK in pubs, bars, carnivals, festivals and events such as The Tabernacle W11, Notting Hill Carnival and Beach East in the Olympic Park and Nottingham. Hillery & Son is also currently stocked in over 70 retailers across London.