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Pedro Capó on La Neta Tour, ‘Calma’ Breaking Through & More – Billboard

Written by on 16/08/2023

Latin star Pedro Capó opens up about his latest album, La Neta, going on tour, life after the success of his track “Calma,” new music and more.

Pedro Capo:
Out of the blue, unexpectedly. It wasn’t supposed to be a single. It wasn’t written with that, you know, looking for that either, that one was absolutely special.

Hi, I’m Pedro Capo and this is Billboard News.

Leila Cobo:
Pedro Capo, welcome to Billboard News!

Pedro Capo:
Thank you! Happy to be here! Happy to see you! Thanks for having me!

Leila Cobo:
Likewise. And now you’re back with ‘La Neta’ tour. This is the first tour since the onset of the pandemic for you.

Pedro Capo:
Yeah, yeah. Happy… happy that we finally got here.

Leila Cobo:
Tell us about that tour.

Pedro Capo:
Yes. Well, we started in Spain, we did four cities over there. And it was a huge success. Every city sold out. We’re now going to Argentina, which they all sold out. I feel like ‘La Neta’ is that you know, the little boat that could, and then we’re going to Mexico and we’re going to be coming to the (United) States so we should be here in October. Very excited about that. ‘La Neta’ was a different- is a different sound. And I feel like it marks a road ahead for me.

Leila Cobo:
How so?

Pedro Capo:
Because sonically I was coming out of the whole “Calma” thing, which was beautiful, amazing. “Calma” had, you know, happened at such an interesting moment. The pandemic came, I kind of got lost in my sound for a little bit, which is part of our process, I’d say. And ‘La Neta’ was something that I record and produced and write in its entirety in my house. Very personal.

Watch the full interview above.

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