Orion Sun new track ‘Mama’s Baby’ proceeds going to Breonna Taylor’s family


Orion sun has shared Mama’s Baby. Released via Bandcamp, and with 100 per cent of the proceeds of the song going to Breonna Taylor’s family – an African American woman, wrongly gunned down in her own home by police.

Mama’s Baby explores Orion’s emotions after she was faced with police brutality during the 2020 protests in Philadelphia, just last week. 

I’ve been in pain physically and emotionally but upon completing this song a wave of peace came over me

Orion Sun

Speaking on the record, and her experience, Orion Sun states:

“I experienced police brutality may 30th, 2020 while protesting in Philadelphia. I was injured pretty bad but I remember not grasping the reality of the situation because I hear so many people confuse police brutality with police murder, example: George Floyd. neither is acceptable. I was calming the river that flowed from my mom’s eyes 830 miles away over the phone. she was worried crazy and heartbroken over what had happened to me.

I saw then that what the police did wasn’t right even when I made it out alive. it’s wrong to think of a violent encounter with the police and just be grateful I didn’t die. police have failed to protect and serve me. they had no problem throwing a black woman to the ground over what? nothing. on top of this, when I shared my story with some video to accompany it (thanks to my friend Phil who didn’t even know it was me until he saw it) only then did it mobilize close friends of mine to break their silence and stand in solidarity with me.

It hurt because I was just slammed to the ground a couple times and got my arm twisted, etc. the people I was/am fighting for were murdered. why are people numb to the death of my people.

“I was processing a lot and this song sort of bled out of me. I was having trouble eating and as soon as I got home from the protest I threw up in a mixing bowl Zubeyda grabbed out of the kitchen because I was too hurt to move.

I’ve been in pain physically and emotionally but upon completing this song a wave of peace came over me. it was the first time my anxiety subsided in a long while and I thought if this did that for me then it might for other people.

“I want to share this song with you today in hopes that you can find some peace during this time. even when people can look at the world burning and feel nothing because the fire hasn’t touched their skin, there are people feeling deeply and fighting in their own important way for the change that is inevitable. keep your head up and breathe and know that evil will never prevail long enough to be forever.

“With that being said we must keep going!

With the purchase of this song, 100% of the money will be going to Breonna Taylor’s gofundme page. Change is coming, her case has been reopened! there is hope for justice to be served.

I will post a receipt of the donated earnings at the end of Bandcamp day!

Mama’s Baby


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