Nyege Nyege Hybrid Festival of The Arts 2020 moved to later this year


THIS WEEK, Nyege Nyege announced that the combined digital festival and Covid-secure party that had been planned for this weekend will be moved to December.

The World Health Organization has praised Uganda’s response to Covid, which resulted in one of the strictest lockdowns in the world and very few case up till August.

With the cases slowly rising rather than disappearing in Uganda, the Covid-secure parties for this weekend and hybrid “digital-physial” element has been pivoted to a spectacle for digital and now also Ugandan national television, now planned for December.

“Dear Nyegerians of all Nations and well wishers, we hope this message finds you in good health, spirit and company” says the festival founders.
“As Covid cases in Uganda continue to grow and global uncertainty is peaking, we urge you to adopt all safety measures required and to remain kind and loving towards one another.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control and the desire to land you all safely to this year’s festival, we have opted to move the official dates of this historic event to December 3rd to 6th 2020, in an ultimate attempt to make 2020 great in the end.

“Our heartfelt apologies for raising the temperature only to announce we’ve not yet reached the boiling point. But we’re getting there.
“We hereby reaffirm that Nyege Nyege and the 400 artists currently collaborating on this year’s extravaganza will deliver to you 2020’s finest experience in music, togetherness and cultures.

“That’s our promise to you. We wish to thank all the artists, musicians, filmmakers, performance artists and digital wizards for all the work put in the festival so far despite so many difficult circumstances; the results are beyond our wildest imagination. 

“Special hearts go to Jepchumba and African Digital Art for our new home soon to be unveiled.

DJ Decay at the Tropical Disco Stage Nyege Nyege 2019

“In the mean time we are proud to invite you all to our first 2-day East African Music Conference, co-hosted by leading music market MIDEM and Nyege Nyege Festival, which will host panel discussions exploring the East African music market, as well as an in-depth conversation between Camille Storm and DJ Kampire, and 14 showcases by some of East Africa’s most promising talents.”

The festival will be featuring concerts by:  Chris Kayiura (Rwanda), BenSoul (Kenya), Bennie Gunter (Uganda), Siti and the Band (Tanzania), Otim Alpha (Uganda), Benzema (Kenya), Nihiloxica (Uganda), Coco Em (Kenya), Jay Mitta & Ant Vairas (Tanzania), Duma (Kenya), Wamwiduka Band  (Tanzania), Catu Diosis (Uganda), MC Yallah (Kenya) and Lamu (Uganda). 

To watch the showcases and the panel discussions, you can register at  www.midem.com

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