Natty to release short film ‘Release The Fear: The Sacred Journey’


INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED reggae artist Natty announced the release of Release The Fear: Sacred Journey this week, a vivid and powerful docu-journey following a group of accomplished musicians, activists and creatives as they trek deep within the Amazon rainforest in search of a spiritual awakening. 

Guided by Natty, Release the Fear: The Sacred Journey intimately chronicles the evolution of spoken word artist Shareefa Energy, DJ Snuff, and filmmaker/emcee Apex Zero as they are physically and mentally pushed to their limits by the harsh terrain of the Amazon.

They participate in ancient healing traditions of the indigenous Piraoa people, embracing the traditional Yopo ceremony, travel to sacred ancestral sites and journey through a stunning landscape of pink beaches, red waterfalls and sacred mountains.

As the group escape hectic city life, existential crises, and overcome trauma, Release the Fear: The Sacred Journey offers a unique and visceral insight into the restorative properties and power within music, and nature.

Following the release of Natty’s album ‘Release the Fear’, and his intention to build a worldwide healing movement of love, the docu-journey is an extension of his commitment to evoke deeper awakening through art and action, exploring what it means to be spiritually wealthy, and confronting your deepest fears and trauma. 


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