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RAISING AWARENESS and money for the music industry as it struggles to survive under the impact of Covid-19, Locked In Live launches with a festival vibe featuring black British Soul, Reggae, Gospel, R&B and Hip Hop, drawing together a unique line-up of talent that has never shared the stage before.

Celebrating the identity, power and social consciousness of a multi-generational black British musical movement in these unparalleled times, the likes of Omar, Floacist, The Simpson Sisters, Terri Walker, Wayne Ellington, Mad Professor, Tubby Boy and Carrol Thompson, to name a few, have all committed to performing between June 17-19.

Serving up a mix of music and bringing artists back to performing with full live bands, Locked In Live is building a line-up of big beats, grooves and heartfelt performances to be streamed live over three days featuring soul legend Omar, reggae pioneer Tippa Irie, The Floacist (of Grammy Nominated UK Neo Soul Floetry)and UK gospel legends, The Simpson Sisters.

All of the named artists performing are giving their time for free to support this campaign.  

Locked In Live is about the music industry – all of the music industry and is building an easy to access support fund backing musicians, vocalists and crew that delivered shows at venues and festivals nationally and internationally. These are not the superstars standing inthe main spotlight, but they are amassive force of energy and creativity behind the live music industry.

From the musicians seen on stage, to the sound engineers, the lighting technicians, road crew and the staging and equipment companies, every area of the industry has ground to a halt under the impact of Covid-19 and the restrictions in place to combat the pandemic.

Most musicians are self-employed, crew work project to project – this is not an industry that is served well by the government support plans and existing industry initiatives, nor is it likely to bounce back quickly as restrictions relax.

Through a series of live events,  Locked In Live are asking for people to give what they can (if they can) to support these parts of the industry that often go unsung – the session musicians, the support artists and the teams of people behind every concert. 

Streaming live and direct from one of London’s finest intimate venues, the legendary Hideaway, Locked In Live is running three stages, multiple cameras and a full live engineered sound to bring you a mix of live performances, DJs, spoken word and interviews. 

All performed, produced and delivered with the safety, health and welfare of the artists and production crew placed central to the event. It’s all about bringing back the good times in the middle of these strange times.

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