Mum comes under fire for claiming ‘being gay is a choice’

Mum comes under fire for claiming ‘being gay is a choice’

DEBATE: Izzy Montague and Tom Cox discuss LGBT lessons in schools on Good Morning Britain

A MOTHER has come under fire for claiming being gay is a choice, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Izzy Montague appeared on the popular morning show alongside father Tom Cox, to discuss parents who have been protesting against their children being taught about sexual orientation in schools.

Dad-of-one Cox explained: “You’re born with your sexual preference, you are gay or you’re not.”

Montague began to shake her head and when asked why, she said: “I don’t agree that you’re born anything. Of course I believe it’s a choice. I made a choice of what I believe is right or wrong, I don’t remember ever thinking to myself “am I gay or am I straight?”

“It’s something I have done based on my belief. So even if I was gay, I do believe based on my belief that I feel that a heterosexual relationship is a right course of action for me. No one has forced you to be in a gay relationship. This is a decision that you have made.”

Her controversial comments were met with backlash on social media, with one person tweeting: “Izzy Montague is just scary to listen to. I thought we were past the belief that being gay is a choice. This is why we need to educate children on LGBT rights.”

Another said: “Who is this ignorant, bigoted woman, Izzy Montague? She’s delusional, homophobic and very, very stupid.”

However, Montague did have a few people who agreed with her stance. One said: “Well done Izzy Montague on Gmbt Today for standing up for your views and opinions. Not letting yourself be talked over,” said one social media user.

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