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MSNBC runs hit segment on parents, says their efforts to protect children from LGBT grooming and pedophilia constitute “hate” –

Written by on 12/06/2023

Image: MSNBC runs hit segment on parents, says their efforts to protect children from LGBT grooming and pedophilia constitute “hate”

(Natural News)
“Deadline: White House,” one of the top-rated shows on the failing cable news channel MSNBC, ran a hit segment this week against parents and their allies who want to protect innocent children from LGBT grooming and pedophilia in public school classrooms all across the country.

The segment hinged upon the release of a new report from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that claims parental groups that aim to protect children are “hate groups” along the same lines as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an organization that, quite frankly, barely even exists anymore in modern-day America.

Host Nicolle Wallace cherry-picked the most incendiary points from the report while huffing her way through calling parents who are concerned about public school curriculum “reactionaries” who are joining “anti-student inclusion groups.” This powerfully manipulative rhetoric, by the way, aims to paint parents who want to protect children as being anti-inclusive, also known as exclusive.

If excluding pedophiles and groomers from the classroom, public libraries, and the local grill and bar chain’s drag queen shows is somehow a bad thing, then sign us all up for that, Ms. Wallace! Then again, MSNBC‘s viewership tends to support LGBT perversion and everything that comes along with it, so she certainly knows her audience.

(Related: Children whose parents take them to LGBT pride events could catch monkeypox from one of the prideful perverts in attendance, the CDC has warned.)

MSNBC compares parents concerned about LGBT grooming and pedophilia to January 6 “insurrection rioters”

Anyway, the segment went on to compare concerned parents to the January 6 “rioters” who “insurrected” the Capitol building in what appears to have been an FBI-directed false flag event. Wallace further blasted concerned parents opposed to biological men invading women’s sports as “target[ing],” “malign[ing],” and “threaten[ing] kids.”


Wallace’s rhetoric is shared by the current head of the SPLC, President and CEO Margret Huang, who stated that she believes concerned parents are “terrifying individuals.” Former FBI official and MSNBC contributor Frank Figliuzzi also added that he believes parental rights and female sports advocates are “reminiscent” of the KKK.

All of this whining, crying, and gnashing of teeth by these child-grooming leftists stems from a demonic hatred for all things good and natural. These child mutilators want to see as many innocent children as they can get their hands on inducted into the cult of LGBT before their parents are able to lay a godly or at least decent foundation in their lives.

Because too many parents these days are speaking out against all the LGBT grooming taking place in the classroom, the SPLC felt compelled to add all of them and their associated groups to its “hate map,” which includes thousands of Christian and right-wing groups that are listed as “hate groups.”

“Reactionary anti-student inclusion groups such as Moms for Liberty, Moms for America, Parents Defending Education that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as extremist groups are, by their very nature, responding to social progress that they dislike and have no control over,” the SPLC complains.

“Like many other hard-right groups, these reactionary anti-student inclusion groups are constantly painting themselves as an oppressed class, while vilifying those discriminated against.”

Huang appeared alongside Wallace during the segment to rebuke Moms for Liberty specifically for “pushing to ban certain books, ban curricula, punish teachers who talk about inclusive education, and generally make our school boards miserable in seeking to provide an inclusive education for all.”

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