Milli Major: My drama teacher told me I would never be able to do anything involving drama, I hope she’s one of the first to see my film


EXPANDING HIS reach as a prominent figure in the music scene to becoming an independent film maker, North Londoner Milli Major released his film-writing, directing and acting debut with ‘Major Paper’ and its accompanying soundtrack last week.

These are situations that many of us live through on a daily basis and more often than not, there isn’t a happy ending

Milli Major

Set against a backdrop of the dark London streets, Major Paper follows an escalating vendetta that originates from the world of drug dealing and gang rivalry.

As a 12-minute short film the topics of loyalty, family and street violence are all dominant and authentic in their portrayal from a star laden cast that includes Milli Major as Kane, Andre ‘Paper Pabs’ Harris, Lippy Lickshot, Apple and Tempa T. 

One of the core elements to the film, adding to its intensity and impact is the exclusively created soundtrack, which releases on the August 14.

Comprising of five previously unreleased tracks, Milli Major takes creative control as he leads the records alongside a highly commendable feature list of Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie, Nines, Flirta D, Deepee, Tion Wayne, Big Narstie, Armz Korleone, Tempa T, Scrufizzer and Bushkin.

Speaking on the release Milli Major states: “I wanted to portray the harsh realities of inner-city London life.

“These are situations that many of us live through on a daily basis and more often than not, there isn’t a happy ending.

“I have independently created the film and curated the music to accompany it, in order to put my energy in to something bigger than me, something positive and something progressive. 

“My message with ‘Major Paper’ is to highlight some of the incredible talent – actors, directors, musicians and crew that are within our communities in hope that film and arts councils start to invest further in us and we don’t have to continue to hustle to do everything ourselves.

“I hope my work inspires someone else from the streets to focus on their art and culture as without this inspiration, hope and support, there will never be any happy endings.”

Entrenched in the musical landscape around him and growing up in an environment where the Grime and Rap scene were prevalent in shaping urban music as we know it today, Milli Major is rapidly becoming one of the most engaging figures on the UK music circuit.

A prominent member of Grime collective Cold Blooded alongside reputable artists such Scorcher and Dolla Da Dustman, he created a name for himself with his relentless flows and artistic synergy before taking up residency with legendary Meridian Crew.

Having worked with artists in the past such as Rick Ross, Nines and the late MC Stormin, he cites being appreciative of music for keeping him from the environmental challenges and distractions which surrounded him and taking the pressure off him partaking in a livelihood that would have followed with unpromising consequence, some of which are highlighted within ‘Major Paper’. 

‘Major Paper’ premieres on rapper Nine’s YouTube channel on 23rd July with the soundtrack single ‘Drillers’, featuring Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie and Nines, releasing on last Friday alongside a visual.

Premiering via Complex, the video for ‘Drillers’ features snippets from the film itself and adds further tone to the heavy introduction from ice city rapper Nines, which leads into a dark and ominous trap-infused beat.

Milli Major showcases his lyrical finesse alongside his former Meridian Crew members Paper Pabs and Bossman Birdie. 

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