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Michelle Buteau Reveals Her Favorite New Jersey Slang: Watch – Billboard

Written by on 09/08/2023

Michelle Buteau reveals her favorite New Jersey slang to Billboard News.

Michelle Buteau:
Hey, everyone! I’m Michelle Buteau, and this is my hometown slang.

When I was growing up, every time you said something that was, like, sarcastic or not true, you just follow that sentence with “sike.” I mean, why did I do that? It was just, like, at a 10 at all times. I was giving a 10 — I should be serving a 6. Like, that’s not OK. Sike! It was fine. See what I did there? Nobody cares.

“Mad,” “mad” a lot like, “Oh, that food was mad good.” Or “Ooh, that line was mad long.” Like, people in Jersey was so mad, we actually have to, like, use it for good things at some point.

Oh my God. And when you really like somebody, you’d be like, “Oh, yeah, like ’em a lot. I was sweatin’ them.” What? “I was sweatin’ them”?! “Ooh, that movie. I was sweatin’ that movie so hard. I was waiting in that line mad long. SIKE! I bought my tickets in advance.”


Michelle Buteau:
I know.

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