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Massive Censorship-Industrial Complex comprised of Big Tech, corporations, government, NGOs, “fact checkers” and more –

Written by on 13/05/2023

Image: Massive Censorship-Industrial Complex comprised of Big Tech, corporations, government, NGOs, “fact checkers” and more

(Natural News)
You’ve heard of the military-industrial complex, but what about the censorship-industrial complex? It turns out that latter is just a rebirthed version of the former for the “hybrid warfare age.”

The CIC, as we will call it for short, is comprised of a vast network of institutions and that extend far beyond just government agencies and Big Tech. There are also for-profit corporations participating in and promoting it, as well as academic institutions, think tanks, so-called “fact checkers,” non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and non-profit foundations.

The general public is told that the CIC is needed to stop “disinformation,” which we are told is a product of “foreign adversaries,” i.e., Russia and China, that are endangering people’s lives. The truth, though, is that the CIC is waging war domestically, meaning its target is truth-telling Americans who have a constitutional right to free speech.

Racket News describes the CIC as “a relentless, unified messaging system aimed primarily at domestic populations, who are told that political discord at home aids the enemy’s undeclared hybrid assault on democracy.”

(Related: Craig Newmark, the billionaire founder of Craigslist, is one of the biggest funders and supporters of the censorship-industrial complex.)

Trump’s White House win prompted the birth of the CIC

In order to make the CIC work as intended, Americans’ First Amendment and other rights must be scrapped – for “public safety,” of course. There must be widespread surveillance, for instance, in order to catch and remove “misinformation.” We also need “fact checkers” whose job it is to filter the news for public consumption.


Big Brother and its Ministry of Truth, in other words, must be allowed to keep tabs on everyone at all times, without probable cause or reasonable suspicion that any actual crime has been committed. To the CIC, anything that goes against its agenda is a threat that must be defused as if it was a crime.

The CIC really ramped up after the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. We were endlessly bombarded with government propaganda claiming that “malign foreign threat actors” had stolen the election by spreading “misinformation” that caused Americans to vote for Trump over two-time failed presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton.

“Everything, from John Podesta’s emails to Trump’s Rust Belt primary victories to Brexit, were to be understood first and foremost as hybrid war events,” Racket News further explains about how the witch hunt against Trump and his supporters played out.

“This is why the Trump-Russia scandal in the United States will likely be remembered as a crucial moment in 21st-century history, even though the investigation superficially ended a non-story, fake news in itself. What the Mueller investigation didn’t accomplish in ousting Trump from office, it did accomplish in birthing a vast new public-private bureaucracy devoted to stopping ‘mis-, dis-, and malinformation,’ while smoothing public acquiescence to the emergence of a spate of new government agencies with ‘information warfare’ missions.”

Racket News unpacks in great detail who all the major players are in the CIC, what each of them do, and how they are funded. There is also plenty of additional information in a report that shows how all the CIC players are linked, which is depicted in a bubble chart.

Take some time to review that report to learn more about this truly terrifying behemoth creation by the globalists, which aims to stomp a permanent boot of tyranny on all speech and human activity.

“And what’s more terrifying is just the sheer number of people I personally know that have no idea that this is going on,” one commenter wrote, lamenting the fact that too few people even know the CIC exists.

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