Marko Stout’s rise to fame


THE BIG Apple is famed for churning out many talented artists, wave after glittering wave suffocating and drowning new stars amongst the sea of renowned names. However, one such individual not only surfaced on this wave but effortlessly surfed on it, securing himself a top-tier position with the elites of New York City. Marko Stout.

“Good Buddy Marko Stout is an Awesome Artist! Really Rocks!!” – Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe)

The avant-garde artist that quickly became popular with the glitterati has been setting flames in the industry. Owing to his versatile art mediums, impeccable taste, and that quirky signature look. Flaunting aviators and fedora hats, the visual artist has often been called the next Andy Warhol.

“I’m Very Excited for Marko Stout’s Solo Exhibition! I’m Such a Big Fan!” – The Kardashians

The background story to the mastermind starts in a houseboat in San Francisco Bay where Stout’s neighbour turned out to be a painter by the Art Institute Of Chicago who owned a gallery that became Stout’s muse and inspiration to pursue a career in the same field.

“Super Cool Art… Marko Stout is a Genius!” – Dayana Mendoza (Miss Universe 2008)

“Marko Stout is a Freaking Genius! His Art is Fantastic!” – Charlie Sheen

The versatility of the convention-breaking artist’s work is what sets it a class apart. Delving in mixed media such as printing, sculptures, paintings, and photography proves Stout’s artistic capabilities. His pieces always stem from a common idea or pivot from which comes a stream of conscious thinking. It eventually leads to profound art.

“Marko Stout I’m Such a Big Fan! You’re Amazing.. I Love You!" – Snooki (The Jersey Shore)

His work “lustrously blinks with resonant realism” such as his metal paintings and vibrant sculptures that dazzle the eyes and entrance the soul. Stout immortalises a moment. A snapshot of pop glamour eternalised in art to be consumed by generations to come.

“Marko Stout is Amazing! Totally Crushing It!” – Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls)

His urban landscapes are aesthetic paradises that mesmerise the mind with their profound simplicity. Also exploring narratives of the human conditions, the artist puts light and underscores issues often swept under the rug.

“Charisma, Nerve, Uniqueness and Talent!” – RuPaul

Not only has Stout become a favourite among the elites but has also won favour of the public. His sold-out exhibitions and chock-full galleries are proof enough for his talent. It is a refreshing taste of unfiltered zeal in an artificial word sugared with faux neons and false vibrancy. Stout’s work captures the brilliant incandescence of art.

“Marko Stout is Amaze-Balls! I’m a Huge Fan!” – Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for Straight Guy)

“I Love Marko Stout’s Art! I’m Such a Big Fan!” – Madison Hildebrand (Million Dollar Listing LA)

Accolades and praise spill from lips serenading the artist, check out what the celebs have to say regarding Stout’s magnificent art right here: Marko Stout.

It is not easy to establish a name this quick and seeing the way Stout has risen to fame, he truly is a legend in the making!

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