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Lorde’s Sister Indy Drops Single ‘Hometown,’ Announces EP ‘Threads’ – Billboard

Written by on 12/01/2023

Indy, the younger sister of Lorde, announced her upcoming debut EP Threads on Thursday (Jan. 12) with the release of the new single “Hometown.”

The five-track project from the newcomer, born Indy Yelich O’Connor, will arrive Feb. 17 via TMWRK Records featuring the new single as well as previously released tracks “Killer” and “Threads.”

“Hometown” certainly owes a debt to her famous sister’s signature style on tracks like “Royals” and “Team,” what with its suburban setting and wistful production as Indy sings, “Nineteen and we haunted streets that we knew so well/ I cut my feet on the love and the lust I felt/ Stuck in the quiet of my hometown/ You’re wonderin’ if we’ll go back to bein’ friends/ I just stay quiet so you know now/ That if I could, you know I’d do it all again/ I gave you all of my midnights/ But baby, now that it’s daytime/ You are stuck in the quiet of my hometown/ I have to go now” with a familiar deep, throaty voice.

“‘Hometown’ is about the memories from my teen years in suburbia that I’ll never forget,” the pop upstart said in a statement. “This song is very nostalgic for me, as it makes me think of driving through the suburbs, taking the long way to go past an ex’s house, returning from the big city and staying at your parents’. Everybody has somebody from their past they hold close. Knowing you’ve outgrown this person, the first inklings of real love, innocence, the sadness of having to let them go.”

Lorde, meanwhile, spent the majority of 2022 on the road in support of her third studio album Solar Power. In a November newsletter to fans, she detailed the challenges of touring in a post-pandemic industry, writing, “Basically, for artists, promoters and crews, things are at an almost unprecedented level of difficulty. Let’s start with three years’ worth of shows happening in one. Add global economic downturn, and then add the totally understandable wariness for concertgoers around health risks.”

Stream Indy’s “Hometown” below.

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