London cook and influencer releases new book encouraging children to prepare vegan food


IN AN effort to encourage young people to eat healthily and motivate parents/guardians to teach their children an important life skill, social influencer Kirly Sue has just released a book entitled Cooking with Kids.

Kirly Sue, aka Susanne Kirlew, is a well-known face on social media and is known for sharing information about healthy eating and demonstrating vegan recipes to her 35,000 followers on her social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

The London born cook, who resides in the London orough of Islington has a love of cooking and healthy eating and is keen to share it with others. Her new book reflects that, and she hopes the book will motivate people to enter 2020 with a desire to consider cooking more vegan food and having a healthy diet.

Sue said: “I just love cooking. It’s a skill we should all learn as we all need to eat, and there’s no better time to teach it than when people are young.”

Cooking with Kids is filled with healthy, easy to follow vegan recipes that parents can cook alongside their children, as well as have fun and teach them in the process.”

Sue is of Jamaican heritage and was born in the UK but lived in Jamaica from 5-10 years old. Living in Jamaica influenced her culinary choices from an early age.

“In the 1970’s and 1980’s, my great aunt owned a restaurant in Jamaica, on the corner of Law Street and Rum Lane in Kingston, and she made some amazingly tasty dishes that was loved by her customers. I think my love of cooking comes from her,” she added.

Sue’s expertise has afforded her the opportunity to work with companies in the UK and the USA, including being an international keynote speaker in Singapore, Dubai, Norway plus more.

The official book launch for Cooking with Kids will take place at Islington Library on Thursday November 28, 2019.

The 182 page book contains over 75 vegan recipes and also contains information about vegan food and how people can substitute food items they currently use with vegan products.

Sue believes that this book will play a major part in helping people make the transition to eating healthy vegan food. She said: “I want this book to highlight that eating vegan food need not be boring.

There are lots of exciting delicious vegan recipes around and this book brings some of them to fore. Cooking with Kids will provide parents with the perfect opportunity to introduce their children to healthy eating by teaching them to cook it themselves.”

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