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LeBron James’ 18-year-old son suffers heart attack during practice at USC, Elon Musk suggests covid jabs are responsible –

Written by on 07/08/2023

LeBron James’ 18-year-old son suffers heart attack during practice at USC, Elon Musk suggests covid jabs are responsible

While working out at the University of Southern California (USC) this week, Bronny James, the son of basketball icon LeBron James, suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed, the James family has confirmed.

James suddenly suffered a heart attack while practicing, reports indicate. He had to be rushed to the hospital where medical staff were “able to treat Bronny,” the James family further confirmed.

“He is now in stable condition and no longer in ICU,” reads a follow-up statement from the James family.

“We ask for respect and privacy for the James family and we will update media when there is more information. LeBron and Savannah wish to publicly send their deepest thanks and appreciation to the USC medical and athletic staff for their incredible work and dedication to the safety of their athletes.”

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Remember when LeBron determined COVID jabs to be “best suited for not only me, but for my family and friends?”

It seems obvious, at least to Elon Musk and millions of Americans, that Bronny James more than likely succumbed to the devastating heart impact of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines,” which were fast-tracked onto the market by Donald Trump via Operation Warp Speed.

Back in the fall of 2021, LeBron James actually gave a public statement endorsing COVID jabs, telling reporters that “after doing my research and things of that nature, I felt like it was best suited for not only me but for my family and my friends.”


Watch the below video of LeBron James telling the world that he and his family got injected for the Fauci Flu:

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Musk said straight out that Bronny James suffered a covid jab-induced cardiovascular event that was so serious he had to receive emergency care at an intensive care unit (ICU) in order to save his life.

“We cannot ascribe everything to the vaccine, but, by the same token, we cannot ascribe nothing,” Musk said. “Myocarditis is a known side-effect. The only question is whether it is rare or common.”

Naturally, the James family remains completely silence about any possible link between Bronny’s cardiac event and this having gotten “vaccinated” for covid. They are instead asking for “respect and privacy” concerning the matter.

The medical establishment has made it clear that there will never be any honest inquiries into the unsafety and ineffectiveness of covid injections, nor were any long-term studies conducted on them at the time when Operation Warp Speed was launched.

“There has never been a coronavirus vaccine that passed animal testing, whether it was for SARS, MERS or RSV,” one commenter added to the conversation. “All attempts at creating a coronavirus vaccine failed animal testing due to antibody dependent enhancement in the test animals: The ‘vaccine’ enhanced the effects of the virus rather than preventing infection or mitigating symptoms. This was known on day one.”

“In addition, it’s an mRNA ‘vaccine,’ meaning the thing instructs one’s own body to manufacture the virus’ spike protein like a factory, which is obscene, and clearly less desirable than just getting infected and getting it over with; but the ‘vaccinated’ got both, became spike protein factories and got COVID, many if not most, repeatedly.”

The COVID jab holocaust has only just begun. Learn more at

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