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Lauren Spencer Smith Explains Why She Wanted to Name Her Album Mirror – Billboard

Written by on 15/07/2023

Lauren Spencer Smith explains why she wanted to give her debut album the title ‘Mirror’, her reaction to seeing so many romantic TikToks to her song ‘That Part’, and more.

Lauren Spencer Smith
Like I get asked this question a lot and my answer is always that I’m just an oversharer like I have no issue telling every single person every traumatic thing that’s ever happened to me. Hey, I’m Lauren Spencer Smith and you’re watching Billboard News

Rania Aniftos
Hey everybody it’s Rania Aniftos with Billboard News and I’m so excited. We have singer songwriter, my sweet friend Lauren Spencer Smith here.

Rania Aniftos
I interviewed you back in the day, like right when fingers crossed came out. And now we have this incredible journey that we’re here to talk about your debut album. Congratulation, so ‘Mirror’ tell me a bit about the concept behind it. The idea of your bathroom mirror being a constant through the ups and downs in your life.

Lauren Spencer Smith
I mean, like initially, when I first wanted to title the album, I wanted it to be something about reflecting because everything that’s on the album is like a personal experience to me. And then throughout realizing like no one had been by my side other than my mirror, seeing every cry sash happy sash, like came back from the first day with my boyfriend and looked myself in the mirror and was so excited. Like, it’s the only thing in my life that was the constant throughout the rollercoaster of emotions that I had to go through to write the album. But it just felt so fitting to call it ‘Mirror.’

Watch the full interview above!

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