Lancaster museums mark Zong massacre online for Black History Month


THROUGHOUT OCTOBER, a number of exhibitions will be available digitally. All will highlight the history of the brutal Zong Massacre; the mass killing of 130 enslaved Africans by the crew of a British slave ship. 

The ship was owned by a Liverpool-based slave ship syndicate in the late 1700s. According to the crew, the enslaved Africans were killed as part of an insurance fraud scheme. 

The artwork features a profile of actor Ira Aldridge, who performed in Lancaster in the 1800s. An interview with Kevin Dalton-Johnson who sculpted the ‘Captured Africans’ memorial sculpture on St George’s Quay also features.

Local councillor Jean Parr said: “We are proud to support Black History Month.

“While we are sadly unable to bring people together in our wonderful museums, we have a great programme of online experiences for people of all ages to learn more about Black history and culture.”

The museum is also asking those from the local community to share placards, photos, stories, diary entries and more, in order to facilitate further connection with the city’s Black history. 

The “digital encounters” also include the ‘Memorial to Zong’ exhibition by Turner Prize winning Lubaina Himid, who was the first Black woman to be awarded the prestigious honour.

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