Lammy says councillor should be expelled over KKK comments

Lammy says councillor should be expelled over KKK comments

KKK COMPARISON: Conservative councillor David Burgess-Joyce has been suspended over his comments about Labour MP David Lammy

DAVID LAMMY has said a Conservative councillor who compared him to the Ku Klux Klan should be permanently suspended from his party.

David Burgess-Joyce was suspended by Tories in Wirral in relation to a series of comments he made about Lammy.

Burgess-Joyce tweeted that Lammy was an expert in “virtue signalling black issues” and that he is responsible for more damage to community relations than a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Responding to Lammy’s criticism of US president Donald Trump’s racist tweets aimed at four congresswomen of colour, Burgess-Joyce said: “Mr Lammy, if Mr Trump is racist then he’s no doubt learnt it from you. You’re an expert in virtue-signalling black issues. You pretend to speak for black people yet you do more damage to community cohesion than any KKK member.”

He has since apologised for the now-deleted tweet in which he used what he has called an “unacceptable analogy”.

Lammy described Burgess-Joyce’s apology as pathetic and has said the councillor should be expelled from the Conservatives.

“Come back again with a real apology councillor Burgess-Joyce. This is pathetic. Your attempts to normalise racism and whitewash murders and lynchings of black men and women are despicable. Enjoy your suspension. The Conservatives should make it permanent,” Lammy wrote.

The leader of the Conservatives on Wirral council said Burgess-Joyce will remain suspended until an investigation into his comments has concluded.

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