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Kellogg’s gave $91 million to domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter –

Written by on 21/03/2023

Image: Serving up HATE in your breakfast cereal: Kellogg’s gave $91 million to domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter

(Natural News)
As the company’s employees were struggling to make ends meet during the manufactured Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” American cereal giant Kellogg’s was busy pledging $91 million in donations to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that destroyed the country following the George Floyd psy-op.

A new database from the conservative Claremont Institute reveals that Kellogg’s created a “Racial Equity 2030 Global Challenge” in 2020 that received a cash injection of $90 million to “fuel innovative and actionable solutions to build a racially equitable future.”

“As stewards of our children’s future, we must collectively face the primary challenge of our time: racial equity,” stated W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trustee and Board Chair Cathann Kress in a promotional video about the campaign, which was launched in celebration of the foundation’s 90th anniversary.

“In Oct. 2022, five awardees were named to receive a combined $80 million over the next eight years, concluding in 2030, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 100th anniversary,” the foundation’s website further reads.

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Kellogg’s hates both white people and its own employees

At the time when all of this was happening, employees of Kellogg’s were becoming disgruntled over poor pay, limited vacation time, and other workplace issues. About 1,400 workers across four states, including in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, went on a nearly three-month-long strike to protest the company’s dismal treatment of its employees.


According to union officials, these 1,400 Kellogg’s employees were upset about the company’s two-tiered benefits system, which included 72- to 84-hour work weeks with barely any off time. During that strike, Kellogg’s axed employee health benefits entirely, leaving workers to pay exorbitant COBRA premiums to maintain coverage.

This made it especially difficult for Kellogg’s employees with pre-existing conditions such as cancer to continue living, but the company could not have cared less, just so long as BLM was awarded tens of millions of dollars in cash as a show of solidarity for Floyd’s death.

Meanwhile, Kellogg’s decided to hand over another $1 million in cash that should have gone to its employees to the NAACP instead. Kellogg’s said that the money was a suitable gift to the NAACP because of its commitment to “combatting racism.”

“Kellogg Company’s $1 million grant complements the funding that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation provides to NAACP, including $1.15 million in 2020,” proudly announced Kellogg Company Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane. “NAACP is one of the many racial equity anchor organizations that WKKF supports.”

Keep in mind that this $91 million total was handed out by Kellogg’s amid the most destructive spree of political violence in more than a century. Cities across America were being burned down by BLM terrorists, and Kellogg’s was awarding them with millions while scoffing at the needs of its own employees.

None of this was enough for the BLM crowd, though. Activists reportedly targeted the company after its cash offerings for the “three white boys” pictured as the cartoon mascots on Rice Krispies cereal boxes. To show anything white, the activists claimed, is “racist,” and Kellogg’s needs to repent.

BLM activist and former United Kingdom member of parliament Fiona Onasanya accused Kellogg’s of “white supremacy” for featuring the white characters, whom she apparently believes should be all black or all brown – anything other than white.

“Coco Pops and Rice Krispies have the same composition (except for the fact [Coco Pops] are brown and chocolate flavoured) … so I was wondering why Rice Krispies have three white boys representing the brand and Coco Pops have a monkey?” Onasanya complained on Twitter.

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