Kam Na Yah by Alim Kamara


HIP-HOP ARTIST and storyteller, Alim Kamara, is back with summer Afrobeat classic ‘Kam Na Yah‘ set for release on July 23.

Kam Na Yah (Come Over Here in English) brings together a heady mix of catchy Afrocentric beats, and unapologetically sexy hip hop bars, succinctly delivered in English and Krio, a dialect from the West African country of Sierra Leone.

Kam Na Yah’ is a hip-hop love song,” says Alim.

“It’s been a labour of love making it. I originally started to record it in Sierra Leone but the producer went ghost so I had to bring it back to the UK. That’s when I hooked up with producer, Delirious, and the rest is music history.”

His first release three years after the success of the 2017 single My TiTi (My Lady), Kam Na Yah has all the makings of a number one classic.

Alim is already a number one recording artist having reached that coveted position in two countries on the African continent: ‘Let’s Get Lost’ Remix featuring Sharlene Hector (number 1 in Sierra Leone for three weeks) and Noto PlayPlay in Nigeria.

As a child living in Sierra Leone, Alim would listen to griots, admiring the way they weaved lessons through their tales.

Then hip-hop introduced a new, vivid and poignant way of storytelling through its imagery. It became a sanctuary and the foundation for his international career.

“I love making music. As a professional storyteller, I understand the power of words and how they can shape the way someone feels about the world. The right song can become the soundtrack to a person’s life.

“I’m determined not to let the events of the last few months steal our summer so I’m hoping everyone gets a little joy out of the track”.

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