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Jeffrey Prather drops major BOMBSHELLS in powerful interview with Health Ranger about Russia-Ukraine war and why Russia is BEATING the West with ease –

Written by on 26/09/2023

Jeffrey Prather drops major BOMBSHELLS in powerful interview with Health Ranger about Russia-Ukraine war and why Russia is BEATING the West with ease

In recent days, Russia has been able to vastly increase the industrial output of the munitions it needs to finish what it started in Ukraine – and at a very low cost, mind you, because the Russians make their own munitions. Conversely, Ukraine, the United States, and their NATO allies are struggling to keep up the same level of fight from their end, which suggests that Russia is winning.

In a recent episode of “The Health Ranger Report,” retired special operations soldier and former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) intelligence collector Jeffrey Prather of “The Prather Point” spoke with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, about the situation across the pond, which points to an impending victory for Russia.

In Prather’s view – watch the interview below (the first 15 minutes primarily focus on this subject) – we have already surpassed World War III and are now engaging in World War IV now that Russia has supercharged its production of weaponry. In many ways, Russia today is like the U.S. was back in the 1950s with a strong domestic production industry – and Russia largely has U.S. sanctions to thank for this as they pushed Russia into becoming more self-reliant.

“Ukraine is a managed war,” Prather explained. “Everybody knows that. It’s the CIA’s color revolution via the State Department and Victoria Nuland. We’re supporting Nazis and bioweapons and biolabs there. And we have run out of our supply.”

“Also, our emergency mineral supply and resources supply, our diesel supply, is way down. And that’s so that we cannot operate on the world stage. For example, if we did want to go defend Taiwan, the ships don’t have the fuel, they don’t have the crew, our military, what’s left of it … are sitting in Poland. So this is all by design.”


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When the U.S. finally wages war on Russia officially, the military can expect to lose about 3,600 soldiers per day

In the same way that the globalists have tried to restrict ammunition production here at home as an affront to the Second Amendment, they are also doing the same thing overseas in Ukraine. Much of the U.S. military’s ammunition is produced overseas, in fact, while Russia produces its own at home for a fraction of the cost.

The New York Times, of all sources, confirmed all this recently, as well as the fact that military patriotism in Russia is currently at an all-time high – the same cannot be said for the U.S. military, of course, which has been overtaken by the LGBT mob and other deviants.

Once the Russia-Ukraine war goes global – and it certainly seems to be moving in that direction at a very rapid pace – there will not be nearly enough U.S. soldiers to participate in the fight. It is estimated that once the U.S. officially wages war on Russia, the military will lose about 3,600 military service members per day, which will quickly deplete the available supply of soldiers.

Another thing to consider in all this is that Russia is not nearly as digitalized as the U.S. is, meaning they are not as reliant on electronics to fight a war as the U.S. is. Once the power goes out in, say, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, the U.S. will be crippled while Russia will only just be getting started.

The above interview contains a whole lot more about this subject, so be sure to tune in and hear Prather’s expertise on the subject.

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