Is this Spanish museum setting the trend for others to follow post COVID-19?


IN A paving of the way for the reopening of museums across Europe the Guggenheim Museum Bilba has put in place new security measures to facilitate a smooth and safe experience.

The museum of modern and contemporary art presented the measures adopted to ensure visitors can enjoy a peaceful day of art this week.

Specifying the measures adopted to encourage a safe and pleasant visit, the Museum has created a series of green pictograms that display all the guidelines l’clearly and intuitively’.

The measures and their respective icons are divided into two groups: preliminary considerations and guidelines during the visit. Among the preliminary considerations are purchasing tickets online in the desired time-slot, downloading the free audio guide on your phone, a reminder that once inside the Museum you can only pay by card, the need to wear a mask and the reminder not to bring bags or umbrellas because the cloakroom is closed.

Once inside the Museum, the measures in place to encourage a calm and safe visit are temperature checks before entering and a series of rules implemented to maintain a safe distance from other visitors and staff. An itinerary will be defined for each persons visit

It’s thought that the Guggenheim Museum will set a precendent for how future other major museums consider operating when they decided to reopen.

Encouraging their visitors to view the video below before they attend the museum, the new normal where the arts are concerned could be here quicker than many anticipated.


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