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Is Pfizer’s “Jordon Trishton Walker” a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) operative put in place to push the government’s vaccine and outbreak quotas? –

Written by on 30/01/2023

Image: Is Pfizer’s “Jordon Trishton Walker” a Boston Consulting Group (BCG) operative put in place to push the government’s vaccine and outbreak quotas?

(Natural News)
The latest bombshell revelations unearthed by Project Veritas about Pfizer and its secret covid-mutating “vaccine” scam are making waves across the independent media. And we have more truths to share with you about it, including the link between Pfizer’s Jordon Trishton Walker and Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a corporate infiltrator that appears to have colluded with the United States government to unleash covid injections before the so-called “pandemic” even arrived.

Brian O’Shea on his Substack wrote that Walker appears to be “on loan” from BCG to Pfizer, where he helped develop market forecasts for oncology-related therapeutics in 2021. Walker also conducted an “impact evaluation of value-based payment models and covid-related changes in hospital reimbursement policies for a U.S. federal health agency.”

“Does this mean Boston Consulting Group or Pfizer or both were working with the U.S. government to actually create POLICIES THAT AFFECT U.S. TAXPAYERS?” O’Shea asks.

Before covid hit America’s shores, Walker was also busy learning Mandarin (Chinese) in a BCG-sponsored language and business immersion program – which is highly suspicious based on its timing.

“Does this mean BCG and / or their Clients (who are either Pfizer, the U.S. Government, or both) knew that these vaccines would be (or were already) being made in China?” O’Shea speculates.

“Business immersion (I am guessing business terms and colloquialisms) was also a focus. Does this mean he and his Clients knew in 2019 or earlier that a mass vaccination / pharma boom was about to hit that both the CCP (who control the Chinese pharma industry and, of course, all of the BSL-4 labs the research occurred in) & Pfizer et al would be partnered on?”


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Who really is “Jordon Trishton Walker?”

There is no denying that Walker’s role at Pfizer involves marketing, which is his specialty. It appears as though Walker was brought in to join Pfizer’s “Vaccine Confidence” team, the job of which is to strategize ways to manipulate the American public into getting repeatedly “vaccinated” for covid.

Some of Walker’s background, at least what is stated publicly on various websites that show his credentials, is also questionable. One of them claims he attended Yale University – but this is the only site that does.

During his time at BCG, which dovetails with his entrance into the Pfizer fold in May 2021, Walker “developed a five-year growth strategy for a large biopharma.” What, exactly, is the identity of this “biopharma,” we wonder?

Walker’s hiring at Pfizer is also listed on various “people search” pages as being a “signal hire.” What is the context of this, we wonder?

Even stranger is the fact that ever since Project Veritas released its bombshell undercover video exposing Walker and Pfizer, his LinkedIn page has vanished. O’Shea called on his followers and readers to send him “an archived page if you have one.”

Walker also seems to use a variety of aliases, which is strange for someone who is supposed to be a credible professional.

“I’ve never met a legitimate doctor with so many different name combos,” wrote a commenter about this little factoid.

Another anomaly is that in some instances Walker is referenced as being a “doctor” while in others he is not. Why is it unclear, based on this, whether the guy is really a doctor?

“The timing of his various academic and professional positions doesn’t add up,” this same commenter added. “There is absolutely nothing about this guy before 2019 that says top pharma exec in charge or worldwide operations. Highly, highly suspicious.”

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